American Family Insurance Logo

American Family Insurance logoAmerican Family Insurance Logo

As there are some companies in the insurance industry that have similar names, it is worth paying attention to the full name of the company whose logo is described in this article. It is American Family Insurance which can be shortened to AmFam. The company offers different types of insurance including retirement-planning and investment but focuses on auto, casualty and property insurance.

Meaning and history

American Family Insurance Logo

When the company was founded in 1927, its name was Farmers Mutual Insurance Company. At that time the owner Herman Wittwer who had already acquired experience in that business working as an insurance salesman offered only auto insurance. As the company’s name implies, its target customers were farmers. Wittwer hoped to earn huge revenues by selling his product to farmers reasoning that farmers who used their cars less often as compared with city drivers presented much lower risks to the insurance company.

American Family Insurance

As the customer base had expanded by 1963, Farmers Mutual became known as American Family Mutual Insurance Company.

The logo of American Family Insurance Company consists of no more than a wordmark stating the company’s name and a red line. The line is sloping and it is placed above the wordmark. It is evident that this graphic symbol represents the roof of a house, depicting the protective nature of the insurer and its products.

The wordmark is written in two lines. “American Family” in blue letters against a white background forms the upper line, while “Insurance” in white letters against a blue background forms the lower line. The whole thing resembles a house.

The American Family insurance logo goes with the slogan “All your protection under one roof” written in italics.

The AmFam logo is simple but it delivers the company’s message rather effectively. The message is the following ‒ if you need different types of insurance, you can combine them all in one place contacting just one company, and the name of the company is American Family Insurance.


American Family Insurance emblem

The sans serif bold typeface complements this simple and clean logo perfectly well.


American Family Insurance symbol

The color palette of the AmFam logo is blue, red and white with the dominant blue color. The exact name of the blue color is Yale Blue (#0E5994), while the red is Crimson Glory (#B80A34). This combination evokes thoughts about friendliness and professionalism.