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Alvarez & Marsal, also known as A&M, today is one of the world leaders in crisis management, restructuring projects, bankruptcies, and improving the operational efficiency of businesses in various areas. A&M professionals work in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. A&M’s global presence ensures timely and quality provision of professional consulting services in the framework of specialized projects.

Meaning and history

Alvarez & Marsal Logo history

Alvarez & Marsal is named after its founders, Tony Alvarez and Brian Marsal, who in 1983 decided to create a company that helps other businesses turn problems into positives and stagnation into growth. To this day, the company’s entire operation is based on these principles. Today, Alvarez & Marsal is known for asking tough questions, listening well, finding the problem, and solving it with quality. A&M provides global leadership, problem-solving, and value creation to companies across industries and around the world.

The combination of all of the above qualities and the professionalism of Alvarez & Marsal’s staff has allowed the company to become one of the largest and most reputable independent professional firms in the consulting and crisis management market.

The services provided by A & M include Financial investigations and dispute support; Operational diagnostics; Creditor counseling; Financial recovery and restructuring; and Interim management.

What is Alvarez & Marsal?
Alvarez & Marsal is the name of one of the world’s leading consulting firms, focusing on interim management projects, operational excellence, and financial investigations. Founded in 1983, today the company has more than 50 offices worldwide and approximately 10 thousand employees.

In terms of visual identity, Alvarez & Marsal is all about sharpness and stability. The logo of the company is set in a color palette, which stands for professionalism and expertise, while the shapes of the elements declare progressiveness and emphasize problem-solving.


Alvarez & Marsal Logo old

The old version of the Alvarez & Marsal logo was set in one shade of dark blue, with an enlarged emblem placed above the uppercase lettering in sans-serif. The emblem depicted a solid blue triangle with a small triangular cut-out at its base and two diagonal white lines on the right of it. The lettering was written in large slightly extended characters, and had a long horizontal line under it, with the “Corporate Finance” tagline at the bottom.


Alvarez & Marsal Logo

After the redesign, the logo of the Alvarez & Marsal company became more interesting both in its geometry and color palette. The new emblem depicts a stylized “AM” monogram, with the large dark-blue “A” without the horizontal bar, accompanied by two light-blue vertical lines set in the sides from its right bar, making up kind of the “M” letter. The emblem is followed by a wide and stable sand-serif inscription, set in a typeface, resembling the one from the previous badge.

Font and color

Alvarez & Marsal Emblem

The uppercase lettering with the first characters enlarged, from the primary logo of the Alvarez & Marsal logo is set in a modern distinctive sand-serif typeface, which looks pretty similar to such commercial fonts as Neue Helveticareg, or M Ying Heitrade PRC.

As for the color palette of the Alvarez & Marsal visual identity, it is based on a combination of two shades of blue, which stand for security, expertise, and trustworthiness.