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Aloha Airlines is an airline company that provides domestic and international flights. It is currently owned by a consortium of investors. The company operates primarily in the Pacific region, serving destinations such as Hawaii, California, and Japan. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Aloha Airlines offers a range of services and amenities to enhance the travel experience.

Meaning and history

Aloha Airlines Logo history

Aloha Airlines, founded by Ruddy Tongg and Hung Wo Ching in 1946, was a prominent Hawaiian airline. It gained recognition for its friendly “Aloha spirit” service and played a significant role in connecting the islands. The airline introduced the first-ever inter-island jet service in 1966, utilizing Boeing 737 aircraft. Aloha Airlines also expanded its operations to offer flights to the U.S. mainland and Pacific destinations. Unfortunately, the airline faced financial challenges and filed for bankruptcy in 2008, leading to the cessation of its passenger operations. Presently, Aloha Airlines no longer operates as an airline, but its legacy remains an important part of Hawaiian aviation history.

What is Aloha Airlines?
Aloha Airlines was a Hawaiian-based airline that operated from 1946 to 2008. It was known for its inter-island flights within Hawaii as well as some transpacific routes. Aloha Airlines had a significant impact on travel in the region and was recognized for its distinctive “aloha” spirit and customer service. However, the airline ceased operations in 2008 due to financial difficulties.


Aloha Airlines Logo 1956

The original logo was created for Aloha Airlines in 1956 and only stayed active for several months. It was a solid blue banner with white lettering and a delicate graphical emblem on it. The cursive handwritten typeface of the main wordmark was the most eye-catching detail of the badge.

1957 – 1965

Aloha Airlines Logo 1957

The redesign of 1957 introduced a very elegant and bright version of the logo for the air carrier. It was a bright blue lettering in a slanted geometric sans-serif font, and a dark-gold emblem with a stylized nerd enclosed into a frame, formed by two thin circles. The delicacy and finesse of the emblem were balanced by the massive and stable characters of the inscription.

1965 – 197?

Aloha Airlines Logo 1965

Another redesign happened to the Aloha Airlines logo in 1965. This time the badge featured a bright blue and gold course background with a white plane drawn over it and underlined by a white “AlohaJet” lettering in a modern geometric typeface.

197? – 1979

Aloha Airlines Logo 1970

The redesign of the 1970s has brought back the emblem from 1957 but switched the color palette and the composition of the logo. Now the badge was executed in the black-and-white color palette, and the emblem was placed between the two parts of the company’s name, which were set in a distinctive geometric sans-serif font.

1979 – 1989

Aloha Airlines Logo 1979

The logo, created for the company in 1979, was completely different from all the previous versions. It was a bold black “Aloha” wordmark in an elegantly rounded typeface, set under a bright red and yellow emblem depicting a flower with five petals. The composition was underlined by a simple title case “Your Airline in Hawaii” tagline.

1990 – 2008

Aloha Airlines Logo

The redesign of 1999 has created one more unique Aloha Airlines logo, which was now set in a vivid orange and blue color palette. The “Aloha” was set in a bold cursive font, in orange, and set diagonally above the uppercase “Airlines” tagline in blue. The two levels of the logo were separated from each other by a thin blue horizontal line.