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Alleva is a notable brand in the pet nutrition sector. Currently, it specializes in crafting premium pet food, emphasizing natural ingredients and balanced formulations. Its product range targets various life stages and dietary needs of dogs and cats. Predominantly active in the European market, the brand has made strides in international expansion. The ownership specifics of Alleva remain proprietary, but its mission revolves around the holistic well-being of pets. Their dedication to quality and research underscores their market position.

Meaning and history

Alleva has been known for its dedication to pet nutrition, emphasizing the use of natural and high-quality ingredients. Over the years, the company has evolved its production processes, continually seeking to incorporate the latest research and innovations in pet food formulation. This commitment has led them to develop products tailored to various life stages and specific dietary needs of pets, ensuring their holistic well-being.

As the brand expanded, especially within the European market, it adapted to meet the changing demands and preferences of pet owners, which contributed to its growth and reputation in the pet food industry.


Alleva Logo

The image presents a bold, uppercase logotype that spells “ALLEVA”. The letters are in a striking red hue, characterized by smooth curves and distinct lines. Each character flows seamlessly into the next, suggesting unity and coherence. The overall style of the text is modern, with a blend of rounded and straight edges, evoking a sense of balance and professionalism. The minimalist design focuses solely on the brand name, making it memorable and instantly recognizable.