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The logo of Allegro, a Polish online e-commerce platform, has gone through at least three updates so far. Despite the modifications, there has been some consistency in its energetic yellow/orange palette.

Meaning and history

Allegro Logo history

Allegro is a Polish online platform, which was founded in 1999 in Poznan. The website is focused on auction hosting and electronic payments and allows its customers to sell and buy products in different categories.

Today Allegro is at the top5 of the most visited websites in Poland, and it has a very strong and confident position in the top 300 along the international websites in the Alexa Internet ranking.

What is Allegro?
Allegro is the name of a Polish e-commerce platform, which was established in 1991, and by today has grown into one of the European leaders in its segment, taking the 251st position in the Alexa Internet list of the most visited websites, which is a pretty impressive result.


Allegro Logo 1999

The soft, rounded shape of the letters on the original Allegro logo is somewhat similar to the friendly style of the current one. In the first logo, the name of the brand was given in yellow with black trim.

The glyphs were plump, with rounded ends. Other than that, there did not seem to be anything distinctive about them.


Allegro Logo 2000

The following year, the brand adopted a brighter and more dynamic wordmark. While the letters remained yellow, they were now placed over the orange background. The subtle shades added some depth.

Above the wordmark, there was the explanation “Aukje online” (“online auction” from Polish). While the letters were white, there were too small to interfere with the energetic palette – vice versa, they seemed to have orange gleams.

This time, the type was lighter and italicized. The rounded ends featured in the previous version were replaced by regular rectangular ends.


Allegro Logo 2003

The writing went orange and was straightened up – the previous logo has been the only italicized version so far. A hand icon appeared next to the wordmark.


Allegro Logo

While the overall style has remained pretty much the same, the design has grown somewhat more consistent and distinctive. To begin with, the designers got rid of the capitalized initial replacing it with the lowercase glyph.

The logo has adopted some dynamism due to the shortened ends of the “g” and “r,” as well as the rounded top of the “r.” These details also add a minimalist touch, as does the simplified initial “a.”
A 3D effect has been applied to the icon adding some depth.

Font and Color

The sleek and modern lowercase sans-serif lettering from the primary badge of the Allegro e-commerce platform looks very confident and friendly. The typeface, used in this insignia, is something in between Gillca Heavy and Serena Heavy fonts, with the contours of the letters slightly extended.

As for the color palette of the Allegro visual identity, it is based on a bright and intense shade of orange, which stands for energy, happiness, and hospitality. It makes the badge look very progressive and memorable, evoking a sense of strength and motion.


While the type in the Allegro logo has gone through obvious modifications, they have never been truly dramatic.

Logo Allegro

Company overview

Allegro is operated by Sp. z o.o. founded in 1999. The platform is well-known in Poland, while its Alexa Internet rank was 251 in 2017. Back then, the online e-commerce platform claimed to have more than 16 million users and around 20 million accounts.

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