Ajax Logo

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Аjаx logo

AFC Ajax (Amsterdamsche Football Club Ajax) has been around since 1900, and now it is among the most successful football clubs in the world. Since its inception it has won numerous titles.

Logo history

Ajax Logo history

The club’s logo has changed its shape several times. The first one (1900-1911) featured a picture of a player kicking the ball. In 1911, when the club entered a higher division, the design was changed slightly: the player ‘changed’ into a white uniform, and the name was written in a bolder typeface. In 1928, a new design was introduced: it featured a profile of Ajax’s (a Greek hero’s) head on a porcelain plate. The emblem remained unchanged until 1990.

Shape and colors

colors ajax logoThe new logo design is based on the previous one. It features Ajax’s head, which is contoured in eleven lines to represent the eleven players. Introduced in 1990, this logo version has proved more commercially consistent. Actually, the designers have returned to the red-and-black color palette that appeared in the 1900-1928 logos. The red color stands for energy and passion, while the black color emphasizes perfection, strength, and elegance. Not unlikely, the colors were chosen because they are present in the flag of Amsterdam.