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Airnorth is an Australian airline that provides regional air services. It is owned by Bristow Helicopters Australia, a subsidiary of Bristow Group Inc. The airline operates flights across Northern Australia, connecting major cities, remote communities, and tourist destinations. With its headquarters in Darwin, Airnorth has bases in various cities, including Broome, Cairns, and Townsville. The company focuses on delivering safe and reliable air transportation, catering to both passenger and cargo needs in the region.

Meaning and history

Airnorth Logo

Airnorth is an Australian airline that was founded in 1978 by Michael Bridge. Throughout its history, the company has achieved significant milestones. It started as a small charter airline operating in the Northern Territory and has since expanded its operations to include scheduled passenger and cargo services. Airnorth’s commitment to customer satisfaction and safety has earned it a reputation for excellence in the industry. Over the years, the airline has grown its fleet and route network, connecting regional destinations across Australia, including remote and indigenous communities. As of now, Airnorth continues to thrive as a leading regional airline, providing reliable and efficient services to its passengers while contributing to the development of air travel in the country.

What is Airnorth?
Airnorth is an Australian regional airline that provides domestic and international flights. It operates a fleet of turboprop and jet aircraft, serving destinations across Northern Australia, including remote and regional areas. Airnorth is known for its focus on customer service, reliability, and connecting communities in the Northern Territory and beyond.