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Air India Express is known as an Indian low-cost airline with headquarters in Kochi, Kerala. Its parent company is Air India Express Limited.

Meaning and history

Air India Express Logo history

The Air India Express logo seems to implement the “low-cost” concept in an elegant way.

The largest element of the design is the word “express,” which features an austere sans. The red swoosh going across it creates a dynamic mood and in a way references the “aviation” theme.

Air India Express logo

The lettering “Air India” in heavier, yet smaller glyphs, is placed above. You can also see the tagline “Simply PriceLess” below. Unlike the rest of the logo, it is black.

What is Air India Express?
Air India Express is a low-cost air carrier, which was established in India in 2005, and today operates not only across the country but also has destinations all over the Middle East. The airline is based in the Cochin International Airport in Kochi, Kerala.

Font and color

The Air India Express logo is composed of two lettering parts, executed in two different fonts. Thus, the top “Air India” uses an extra-bold italicized sans-serif font, which is a bit close to 8th Avenue Ultra Italic, but with the contours modernized. As for the enlarged “Express” wordmark, set in the lowercase under the “Air India” line, it uses a more elegant and traditional typeface, which is pretty similar to such fonts as Arial Pro Regular and M Hei PRC Medium. The elegance of the second line is enhanced by the smooth stroke, underlining the first part of the wordmark, and crossing the last two “S”s.

As for the color palette of the Air India Express logo, it is based on a smooth yet deep shade of pink, which is most often combined with white. This mix of shades makes the simple composition of the logo look more professional and memorable. The pink hue also makes the air carrier stand out in the list of its competitors, as this is not the most traditional choice for the visual identity in this segment.