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Air Algérie is an Algerian airline that was founded in 1947 by the Algerian government. Over the years, the airline has achieved significant milestones. It expanded its route network to cover domestic and international destinations, offering passenger and cargo services. Air Algérie played a vital role in connecting Algeria with the rest of the world, facilitating travel and trade. The airline modernized its fleet with the acquisition of new aircraft, enhancing safety and efficiency. It prioritized customer satisfaction and provided quality services to its passengers. Today, Air Algérie is one of the leading airlines in Africa, operating a diverse fleet and serving numerous destinations across the globe. Despite facing challenges in the competitive aviation industry, the company continues to adapt and innovate to meet the evolving needs of travelers, maintaining its commitment to excellence and contributing to the development of the Algerian aviation sector.

Meaning and history

What is Air Algérie?
Air Algérie is an Algerian airline that operates both domestic and international flights. Founded in 1947, it serves as the national carrier of Algeria, connecting the country with various destinations worldwide. The airline focuses on providing safe and reliable air travel, catering to the needs of passengers and facilitating transportation within and beyond Algeria.

Air Algérie Logo