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Aardman is the name of the animation studio, which was established in 1972 in the United Kingdom. By today the studio has produced many famous cartoons and series, along with animated advertising. The company has eight sub-divisions, covering all the possible areas of the animating segment.

Meaning and history

Aardman Logo history

The current visual identity of the famous studio is based in the earliest version but is simpler and more minimalist. The logo with an emblem is red color is instantly recognizable across the globe and looks powerful and solid.

1989 – 1998

Aardman logo 1989

The logo, designed in 1989 features a monochrome composition of a detailed emblem and a bold wordmark under it. The emblem depicted a square, which was slightly inclined, with a telescope, coming out of it. The telescope also resembles a gun barrel, but three stars near it, make the image complete and bring a sense into it. The start is drawn in different sizes and colors — the one that is the closest to the telescope is white, while the two others are black.

The bold black nameplate is complemented by a delicate “Animations” tagline, written in the lowercase with a lot of space between the letters.

1998 – 2022

Aardman Logo 1998
The logo was redesigned in 1998. Now the studio’s name is the main part of the emblem, with no tagline and with just one graphical element above it.

The telescope with three stars was replaced by a big red star with raw edges. It looks like it is in motion, perfectly representing the profile and nature of the studio.

The red and white color palette of the visual identity is a reflection of power and passion. It makes the logo unique and memorable, representing progress and creativity.

2022 – Today

Aardman logo
The 2022 design uses the same concept, but the reimagined the execution. The letters are now calm, bold sans-serifs, written solely in uppercase. There’s also a bit more room between the characters, and the color became a slightly paler hue. The star turned smoother and smaller, and it’s now evenly proportioned.


The solid and bold inscription is executed in the same typeface as the one from the previous logo. The modern sans-serif font looks very similar to Franklin Gothic, a grotesque typeface, which was designed in 1902 by Morris Fuller Benton.

The only difference in two versions is that on the new logo the raw edges of the letters look more uneven and have some small red impurities around, as it is was erased and drawn all over.