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Yoins is a global online retailer of affordable fashion clothing for women the company, based in Hong Kong, offers a wide range of dresses, tops, and accessories available for customers across the globe due to the safe and fast delivery service the e-store provides.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the fashion retailer is minimalist and simple. The logotype which is sometimes underlined is executed in a monochrome palette and is bold and confident.

The black and white color combination, which is always switched between the text and the background, looks strong and professional, accenting on the fashion segment of the company and creating a perfect framing for all the colorful outfits the website has to offer.

Yoins Logo

The thick lines of the inscription reflect the stability and reliability of the company, emphasizing its strength and trustworthiness.

On the versions with the underline, there is a delicate white inscription added on a thick black horizontal line, the company’s motto “Yours Inspiration”, which shows the e-commerce platform’s essence and individuality and explains the website’s name, Yoins.


The wordmark of the online fashion retailer is written in all capitals and uses a modern and bold sans-serif typeface, which is very close to Windlesham Pro Medium with sharp angles and thick distinct lines, but with the letter “Y” modified. It is made narrower and more elegant. Due to the first letter, the inscription is unique and recognizable.


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Yoins is an online fashion retailer, which aims to provide young people across the globe with the latest runway trends at affordable prices. The company has thousands of items to choose from in its catalog and offers bright and sharp outfits for women of all sizes.

The e-commerce platform’s categories include dresses, tops, and bottoms, swimwear and accessories. There is also a small section for men with stylish suits and t-shirts.

The website always has its Sale section updates with the cool items with up to 90% discount, along with many other special deals and coupons for new and returning customers.