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Fairyseason is an online fashion retailer, which specializes in clothing, accessories, and shoes for ladies. Focused on a young audience, the e-store is very popular and operates across the globe with flexible shipping rates and a wide variety of items for sale.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of this e-commerce platform is minimalist and very simple — the logotype in monochrome, no extra details. But it has not always been like that.

The previous version of the online retailer’s logo was composed of a wordmark with an emblem, placed inside a bright pink square. The emblem depicted a fairy with big wings and a magic stick. She was placed on the right of the lettering and was drawn facing left.

The inscription, placed in two levels was colored black, while the fairy was in white. The pink, black and white color palette was a reflection of a company’s focus on young ladies’ audiences. It was a feminine and tender combination, perfectly representing the platform’s nature.

The company’s redesign simplified the visual identity, turning the logo into a laconic black wordmark placed on a white background.


Fairyseason Logo

The wordmark of the original logo was written in all-caps of the traditional sans-serif typeface, Helvetica. The inscription was well-balanced and looked light and stylish.

The new logotype, also in all capitals, is executed in a bolder and more modern sans-serif font, which is similar to Intervogue Alt Bold.

The current nameplate is more professional and makes the whole company look trustworthy and reliable, evoking a sense of expertise and authority.


The online retailer of affordable fashion items for young women is incredibly popular across the globe due to the catalog of more than 100 thousand items and bargain prices.
Despite the latest collection, which is also very affordable, the website has a constantly running clearance section, where you can find dresses and top for less than $7.

There are often various flash sales and special deal offers, on both clothing and footwear, and the company also sends out promotional codes for their customers, which helps them save up to 20% on their next order.

The website accepts both credit card and PayPal payment methods, offers a worldwide delivery service and profitable deals for wholesalers from all over the globe.