Xerox logo

Xerox logo
Xerox Company originated in 1906 as The Haloid Photographic Company, and it was in 1961 that it got its current name. It is one of the world’s biggest document management companies.

Meaning and History logo

Xerox logo history

Over its existence and since the Haloid era, the company has had 11 logo versions. The first one (1906) was an image of a torch stick with an oval plate with “Haloid” inscribed on it. The next Xerox logo was accepted in 1938: that was a rectangle with rounded corners sporting the torch and the company name on a black background. Ten years later, a new Xerox logo was introduced: the rectangle was still there, and, as the company changed its name, a beige X mark and the company name “Xerox” were added. The logo was modified in the next year: it used the 1938 rectangle and the “X + company name” combination from its predecessor, except the X mark was red. In 1958, the rectangle changed color to dark red, the X mark was dropped, and the full company name – Haloid Xerox – was introduced. In 1961, the rectangle disappeared. There was just the Xerox wordmark written in huge blue caps and ‘Corporation’ underneath written in smaller gray letters. In 1968, the “Corporation” was gone, and the “Xerox” part was left, and it was a little lighter blue. This logo lasted until 1994: the new one consisted of the company’s designation – “The Document Company” written in black, and “Xerox” below in red. In the 2002 variant the combination remained the same, and the font size was changed: the former was written in a much smaller typerface, and the “Xerox” part was magnified. In 2004, the “The Document Company” was dropped, leaving the company name alone.

New logo

New Xerox logo
Introduced in 2008, the current logo sports the inscription of the company name and a red ball featuring a white cross, which denotes ‘X’ – the name’s first letter.


Symbol Xerox
The new logo symbolizes the company’s transition to the changing technological standards. Also, it reflects the company’s effort to build and retain a solid connection with every customer and make its products flexible, versatile, and user-friendly. Finally, the new Xerox logo design emphasizes that Xerox is no longer a company whose mission is to just provide document and photography equipment. Now it is an information technology whale.


Emblem Xerox
The new emblem’s sleek appearance is to reflect the rapidly evolving technology and transition to manufacturing versatile high-tech products that feature cutting-edge solutions.


Color Xerox logo
The red color used in the new logo symbolizes the corporation’s passionate effort, excellence, integrity, and courage.


Font Xerox logo
The new logo sports a lowercase Albert FS typerface to emphasize flexibility and growing versatility of the company’s products.