Miele Logo

Miele logo

Although the typeface of the Miele logo has been modified more than once, there was a specific design element that was present in the wordmark throughout most of the company’s 120-year history.

Miele logo meaning and history

Miele logo

One of the earliest Miele logotypes featured the company name in a cursive script. The end of the letter “e” was stretched to create a horizontal line under the wordmark. The logo version could be seen on the brand’s first vacuum cleaner in the torpedo shape.

Symbol Miele

Miele Symbol

The script wordmark was replaced by a bold serif one by 1932. Since then, the logo has been fairly consistent in its overall design and style, as well as the use of the rectangular shape instead of the dot above the “i.” Yet, the letters definitely haven’t remained exactly as they were.

Emblem Miele colors

Miele Emblem

The combination of white and a bright shade of red looks eye-catching and optimistic.

Font of the Miele logo

The bold serif font would have had a generic and even old-school feel if not for the unusual design element over the letter “i.”