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Volotea is the name of a low-cost air carrier, which was established in Spain in 2011, and today has its bases all over Europe, with the list of destinations approaching 80. The brand was created by the founders of the world-famous Vueling airlines.

Meaning and history

Volotea logo

The visual identity of abilities is simple yet very interesting, as its two-colored geometric logo turns into a bright and extended pattern when placed on the planes of the Spanish airline. An considering the brand is pretty young, its logo hasn’t been changed since it was created in 2011.

The Volotea logo boasts a modern and bold uppercase logotype in black with the removed horizontal bar of the letter “A”, which becomes an upside-down mirror of the first “V” in the wordmark. The simple and clean sans-serif typeface of the brand’s visual identity represents stability and confidence and looks very professional and solid.

The Volotea emblem is a solid red rhombus with a white checkered pattern on it. The white elements are executed in vertical lines, which make up four smaller rhombuses and one plain white in the middle.

This simple geometric icon, which is used by Volotea for mobile apps and as a brand signifier, works truly outstanding when placed on the tail of the plane. The checkers cover all surface of the tail, and gain a more versatile color palette, becoming a gradient “blanket” of red, black, and various shades of green.

The minimalist design and straight lines of the Volotea visual identity show the brand as a progressive and young one, with the ability to go one step forward all other companies and to see what is really in demand today. The red, black and white color palette is a design classic, but the company managed to elevate it to a new level, using simple shapes and straight lines.