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VietJet Air was a budget airline from Vietnam that started operations since 2011. By now, it’s one of the biggest flight providers in this country, with destinations all over Vietnam, as well as East Asia. Despite the popularity, VietJet is known for frequent incidents involving aircraft – not lethal, most of them.

Meaning and History

The company was started by a group of Vietnamese investors back in 2007. However, it wasn’t until 2011 that they started operations. Because of its size, it’s usually mistaken for the country’s flag carrier, but that title belongs to Vietnam Airlines. VietJet, however, served over 25 million customers.

2011 – today

VietJet Air logo

The company uses its full name as a logo (‘VietJet Air’). The font is a tilted, smooth sans-serif style. Some of the edges are pretty sharp and abrupt. The coloring is red, as in the country’s national flag. The uppercase letters are, strangely enough, similar to the lowercase ones, except they are also slightly lowered.

There’s often a ‘.com’ fragment to the right of the main logo, as well. They usually put it on the side of the planes, for instance.


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