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Valero is an American company, focused on manufacturing and transportation of petroleum products. It was founded in 1980 and today is in the Fortune 500 ranking, known and respected across the globe.

Meaning and history

Valero Logo history

1980 – 1990s

Valero Logo-1980

The earliest Valero logo showcased a sort of propeller or screw with thorns at the ends. The word “Valero” in an elegant serif type could be seen below. The font looked unusual due to the “VA” ligature and sharp elements creating a visual “rhyme” with the thorns on the propeller.

The lettering “Energy Corporation” in smaller letters could be seen below.

1990s – 2018

Valero Logo-1990

The design went through a complete overhaul. The propeller was replaced by a large “V” with a yellow string going through it. The writing “Valero” below featured an austere sans. What made it unusual was that the “A” lacked the middle bar, due to which it looked exactly like the “V” turned upside down.


Valero Logo

While the structure of the logo remained unchanged, the details were modified to give the design a more refined and professional style.

The “V” grew somewhat lower. The shape of the string was slightly modified. The wordmark became utterly different. This time, the company opted for a friendlier, rounded type. The “V” is capitalized. The glyphs have an original playful touch but they do not seem to create a single whole with the emblem above.

The new Valero Energy logo was developed by Antista Fairclough (Atlanta, GA).

Logo Valero

Font and color

The sleek and elegant inscription on the Valero logo is executed in a custom sans-serif typeface with some angles of the letters rounded colors and others — pointed. This adds uniqueness and individuality to a bold and stable inscription, showing the creative and progressive character of the company. The Valero typeface was created exclusively for the brand but looks pretty similar to such fonts as Neuropa Bold and Ergonomique Bold but with the contours softened and modernized.

The simple elegance of the Valero visual identity is elevated by its calm yet eye-catching blue and yellow color palette, which evokes a sense of safety and stability, showing the brand as a reliable and professional one. And the delicate yellow detail is a symbol of energy and progress.