Valero Logo

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Valero Logo
Valero is an American company, focused on manufacturing and transportation of petroleum products. It was founded in 1980 and today is in the Fortune 500 ranking, known and respected across the globe.

Meaning and history

Valero Logo history

The Valero visual identity is a celebration of the company’s name. The logo is composed of a wordmark and a brand’s signifier above it.
The wordmark is executed in a smooth bold typeface with interesting rounded lines and playful angles. The font is unique and very recognizable.
The Valero emblem features a stylized letter “V” with one bottom angle rounded and a curve line intertwined with the letter.
Logo Valero
The color palette of the Valero visual identity is bright blue and yellow, which is an eye-catching combination, reflecting the brand’s stability and professionalism, as well and progressive thinking and creativity.
The yellow element adds youth and dynamic to the logo, showing the company as active and forward-looking, while the blue symbolizes loyalty and high quality, which are the main characteristics of the Valero brand.