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UAA is the abbreviation, standing for the University Athletic Association, an American sports organization, established in 1986, and consisting of eight college-members from different states of the USA.

Meaning and history

The University Athletic Association, or UAA, is affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division III. Its eight-member institutions are located in seven Eastern states, from Georgia to New York.

The league offers men and women student-athletes to compete in various sports disciplines, including “classic” ones, such as Basketball, Soccer, and Swimming, and the ones, that are more “exclusive” — Wrestling, Track&Field, and Fencing.

What is UAA?

UAA, short for University Athletic Association, is a sports league for eight colleges from eastern states of the USA, which was established in 1986, and today holds championships in more than twenty sports disciplines, for both men’s and women’s teams.

In terms of visual identity, the Association follows the traditional path, using a patriotic blue, red, and white color palette, and simple graphics, inscribed into stylized lettering. The logo is full of energy and confidence and shows the purpose of the organization just fine.

1986 – Today

UAA Logo

The University Athletic Association logo features three main elements, which are the abbreviation of the association’s name, complete lettering under it, and a graphical element, placed over the upper level of the lettering. The UAA inscription is set in a stylized rounded typeface with interesting playful serifs, given in blue with a stylized white ball flying across them. The ball itself is set over the negative space of the last “A”, while the three horizontal white lines, coming out of it to the left, cross two other letters.

As for the underlining lettering, it is written in red capitals of a traditional and slightly narrowed sans-serif typeface, which is pretty close to Arial Family fonts. The inscription has three lines under it: blue, white, and red, which all feature different thicknesses.

Overall the University Athletic Association logo is very simple and calm, but perfectly balanced, and evokes a sense of harmony and strength in their best.