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The Medal of Honor Bowl is an annual college football all-star game held in the United States. It showcases top football talent and honors the recipients of the Medal of Honor, the highest military decoration. The event is organized by a sports management company owned by former NFL player and coach, Steve Spurrier.

Meaning and history

Medal of Honor Bowl Logo

The Medal of Honor Bowl was held in 2014 and 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina. It was a college football all-star game not sanctioned by the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

The calm, muted tones dominating the Medal of Honor Bowl logo help to create the impression of something noble, although it lacks the dynamism and aggression typical for a regular sports logo. The smooth shapes, the stars, and the shield, on which the emblem is based, only reinforce the impression.

The shape at the center of the logo reminds a football standing on its sharp end. At the forefront, you can see the lettering “Medal of Honor” in blue over the white background.

What is Medal of Honor Bowl?
The Medal of Honor Bowl is an organization that hosts an annual college football all-star game to honor military veterans and raise awareness for their sacrifices. It serves as a platform to showcase talented athletes and promote the values of courage, honor, and service.