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The Little Caesars Pizza Bowl was played under this name from 2009 to 2013 at the Ford Field in downtown Detroit, Michigan. Before that, it was known under the name of the Motor City Bowl.

Meaning and history

Little Caesars Pizza Bowl Logo history

The Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, a unique chapter in collegiate football history, was founded by Little Caesars, a renowned pizza chain established in 1959 by Mike Ilitch and Marian Ilitch. The bowl game, initiated in 1997, quickly became a celebrated postseason event in college football, originally known as the Motor City Bowl before adopting its famous pizza-related title in 2009. Over its span, the event highlighted emerging football talents and provided an exhilarating platform for teams predominantly from the Mid-American Conference (MAC) and the Big Ten Conference. Its remarkable achievements include hosting memorable games and contributing significantly to the local economy and sports culture in Detroit, especially at the iconic Ford Field. The Little Caesars Pizza Bowl concluded its run in 2013, making way for the Quick Lane Bowl. Despite its cessation, the legacy of the bowl game remains influential in the realm of college football, remembered for its unique branding and the exciting matchups it provided.

What is Little Caesar’s Pizza Bowl?
Little Caesars Pizza Bowl is the postseason intercollegiate football championship, which was first held in 1997, and had its last game in the season 2013. The annual bowl was affiliated with the Mid-American and Big Ten Conferences, the collegiate athletic organizations.

1998 – 2008

Motor City Bowl Logo 1998
Little Caesar’s Pizza a bowl was established at the end of 1997, under the name Mobile City Bowl, and its logo was built around its name. That was a red, blue, and white badge, with the italicized sans-serif wordmark in the blue set at the bottom line of the composition. It was separated from the top part by a straight blue horizontal line. The top part featured a blue wheel image on the right, and a striped red and white horizontal pattern on its left, looking like a car fender, or just a depiction of motion and speed.

2009 – 2013

Logo Little Caesars Pizza Bowl

The Little Caesars Pizza Bowl logo was dominated by the emblem of its title sponsor. The very shape of the logo reminded that of a pizza piece. On the top, you could see a cartoonish Caesar enjoying a pizza. The name of the bowl was placed below. There was also a brown football on the logo. Together with the word “Bowl,” it helped to create at least a hint on the event for which the logo had been actually developed.

Font and color

Little Caesars Font

The logo of the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, a blend of sports and culinary branding. The font used for “Little Caesars” is a playful, bold sans-serif with soft edges that convey a sense of casual fun and approachability. This font style is emblematic of the brand’s image, aiming to be viewed as friendly and inviting. The “Pizza Bowl” text is in a serif font, likely chosen to contrast the main brand name, adding a touch of tradition and formality which complements the more casual main lettering. The whimsical serifs on this text hint at a classic, timeless aspect of the event it represents.

Color-wise, the logo employs a classic combination of orange and black, which are colors often associated with energy and precision. The orange backdrop behind the text exudes warmth and enthusiasm, capturing the viewer’s attention and evoking thoughts of a cozy, inviting dining experience. This vibrant orange is offset by the boldness of the black text, which provides excellent readability and a grounded, authoritative presence. Together, these colors not only reinforce brand recognition but also stimulate a sense of excitement and celebration, aligning with the festive nature of a sports event tied to the enjoyment of pizza.

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