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Alamo Bowl is among rather well-known college football bowl games. It has been held annually since 1993 in the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. It is an NCAA Division I FBS game.

Meaning and history

Alamo Bowl Logo history

1993 – 1998

Alamo Bowl Logo-1993The Alamo Bowl logo has gone through numerous modifications. Some of them have been connected with the change of the sponsor. The original logo of 1993 featured a football housing the lettering “HQ.” The football was placed inside a square formed by the text “Builders’ Square” (in black) and “Alamo Bowl” (in blue).

1998 – 2001

Alamo Bowl Logo-1998

2002 – 2005

Alamo Bowl Logo-2002


Alamo Bowl Logo-2006

2007 – 2017

Alamo Bowl Logo-2007

2018 – Today

Alamo Bowl Logo

The 2018 logo, which is a version of the 2007 emblem, combines the arched name of the bowl with the lettering “Valero” (Valero Energy Corporation sponsors the bowl).