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While the Rose Bowl logo has undergone several modifications since 1999, it has preserved its core symbol, the rose flower. It is the oldest bowl game in the country.

Meaning and history

Rose Bowl Logo history
Rose Bowl is the famous American football bowl game, which is held annually since the beginning of the 20th century. The game always takes place on New Year’s day, at Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California.

The bowl game was first played in 1902, after the first season, it got closed, and only came back to life in 1916. Although, since 1916c the Rose Bowl football game has never been suspended or postponed.

What is Rose Bowl?

Rose Bowl is the intercollegiate football bowl game, affiliated with the Big Ten and Pacific Coast Conferences. The first game of the bowl was held in 1902, and after a 14-years break, the bowl started operating again in 1916, since then the game is played annually at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California.

1982 – 1998

Rose Bowl Logo 1982
The very first logo for the famous Rose Bowl football game was designed in 1982 and boasted just a single element — the red rose with green stem and leaves, decorated by white outlines, which has become an iconic symbol and never left the badge ever since. The image was inscribed into a solid green circle, coming out of its frames up and slightly to the sides.


Rose Bowl Logo-1999
The logo, created for the Rose Bowl in 1999 only stayed for less than three years. It was the iconic green and red rose, with the black arched inscription above it and a bold black tagline. The tagline was saying “Presented by AT&T” and used two different styles for its two lines.

2000 – 2001

Rose Bowl Logo 2000
The redesign of 2000 switched the gray shade of the sponsor’s logotype to green, which made the whole badge look more balanced and harmonized. Although in this version the logo was active for just one season.

2004 – 2005

Rose Bowl Logo-2004
In 2004 the sponsorship changed, so did the tagline. Now the “AT&T” in bold black capitals was replaced by the blue and red Citibank logo, with its iconic typeface and delicate geometry. The green and red rose emblem and the black serif wordmark above it remained untouched.


Rose Bowl Logo 2006
In 2006 the logo of the Bowl was changed to celebrate the National championship. It was the most unusual in terms of the color palette version of the badge, ever created for the Rose bowl. The iconic red and green rose was drawn in a smaller size and placed over a solid light-gray horizontally oriented bender, resembling the street name sign. The lettering was written along one line, in fancy black cursive, and the bottom of the logo was decorated by a solid purple arched ribbon with the “National Championship” inscription in white capitals of a simple yet modern sans-serif font.

2007 – 2010

Rose Bowl Logo 2007
In 2007 the Rose Bowl football game returns to the logo, designed for it in 2004, with the Citibank logotype at the bottom of the composition. This version of the badge stayed with the bowl for three seasons, with no changes.

2011 – 2013

Rose Bowl Logo-2011
The Citibank logotype was replaced by the Vizio insignia in 2010. Due to the new badge under the main emblem, the logo started looking more balanced, as the modern custom Vizio logotype also used black color as it’s main and only.


Rose Bowl Logo-2014
For the 100th anniversary of the Rose Bowl, the emblem was placed on a gradient gray and black vertically oriented rectangle with a double white and red framing. The middle part of the rectangle was stretched horizontally, featured a white background and the bold black uppercase “Rose Bowl Game” inscription on it.

2015 – 2017

Rose Bowl Logo 2015
The stylized rose has a roundel structure and is given in red. Below, you can see the green leaves. The name of the bowl game is arched above. In most of the logotypes, the wordmark has looked virtually the same, either with subtle differences or without any differences at all. The 2014 emblem, however, had a different structure, although the rose was preserved.

In the logos used in 2015–2020, the lettering “Northwestern Mutual” is placed below the main design, together with the logotype of the company that sponsors the event.

2018 – 2020

Rose Bowl Logo 2018
The Rose Bowl logo version created in 2018 had all of the main elements untouched, but the Citibank logotype was replaced with the “Northwestern Mutual” inscription in bold medium-blue serif letters set on the right from the elegant corporate emblem, depicting a stylized image resembling an ancient pilar.


Rose Bowl Logo 2021
The redesign of 2021 was held after the bowl got its new sponsor, CapitalOne. The logo of the company was set in its corporate black and red color palette at the bottom of the badge. It was enlarged and looked sharp and confident, taking all attention from the main element of the Bowl’s visual identity.


Rose Bowl Logo 2022
In 2022 the CapitalOne logo got smaller and switched its color palette to blue and red. The badge also got another line with the logotype of another sponsor, Venture X, which was written under the CapitalOne insignia, in all caps of a clean and modern sans-serif typeface, in thin black lines.

2023 – Today

Rose Bowl logo
In 2023 Rose Bowl got a new sponsor, Prudential, so the logo was changed to reflect it. The main elements, the rose emblem, and the arched lettering remained untouched, and the only new thing in the badge today is the smooth blue insignia of the sponsor, with the iconic roundel followed by the title case lettering in an elegant serif typeface.

Font and color

The main wordmark from the Rose Bowl Logo is arched above the emblem in all capitals and executed in a very elegant serif typeface, which looks very similar to iconic Copperplate EF Medium, with thick vertical lines and thin elongated and sharpened serifs.

The red and green of the rose on the emblem is accompanied by black lettering, and these three colors together make up a bright image, symbolizing growth, passion, life, and confidence.

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