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Symantec is a security program developing company, which was established in 1982 in the United States and changed its name to NortonLifeLock in 2019. The business operates worldwide and is one of the largest in its segment.

Meaning and history

The Symantec logo is instantly recognizable all over the globe. Composed of an emblem and a wordmark, it hasn’t changed its style after the company’s name was changed.

Symantec Emblem

The iconic yellow and black “checkmark” was taken by the brand in 2010 from the VeriSign acquisition. And later, in 2019, it stayed as an emblem for NortonLifeLock.

The Symantec emblem is a yellow circle with a black tick inside. The symbol of protection and quality, it looks bright and makes users confident in the product.

The Symantec wordmark, placed in the right of the emblem is executed in a bold sans-serif typeface, which looks simple yet professional in black color.

Symantec Logo

When the company’s name was changed to NortonLifeLock, the wordmark was redesigned. Now it featured two typefaces: the traditional and bold sans-serif for “NortonLife” and a more square and thin for “Lock”.

The Symantec logo is minimalist yet bright and meaningful. It evokes a sense of protection and reliability, showing a strong and confident company, with huge expertise and a perfect reputation.