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As it might be possible to guess from the name, SunTrust Banks started by offering trust and investment banking services. It continued to provide high-value financial services, growing this list with the addition of traditional and mortgage banking, credit cards, insurance, and much more.  Not many know it, but it was Ernest Woodruff, the bank president for almost twenty years, who created a link between this bank and the Coca-Cola company. His son later replaced him as the president of both of these companies.

Meaning and History

Like many banks in the USA, SunTrust Banks (Trust Company of Georgia ) appeared as a trusted company at the end of the 19th century. Its president, Ernest Woodruff, made great decisions and strengthened its position in the market by acquiring other similar organizations. In 1911, the institution was turned into The People’s National Bank, which was based in Florida. Almost ten years later, the institution changed its name to First National Bank. Although it had hard times during the Great Depression, rose back from the ashes. Its current name appeared relatively recently, in 1973. At that point, it had $1.713 billion in total assets. Its history ended in 2019 when it joined forces with Branch Banking and Trust and became part of a new institution called Truist.

What is SunTrust Banks?
This is a chain of banks that existed in the United States for over one hundred years. The bank did not bankrupt or vanished. It became part of an even larger organization known as Truist. Mergers were always a big part of this company and it continues to live and grow, only under a different name.

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SunTrust Banks Logo

The logo of the bank has a very positive appearance thanks to the bright sun rays that accompanied its name. Considering that the sun is part of the name, it is not surprising that it was also a part of the organization’s emblem. “SunTrust” was printed in dark blue using a bold, serif font and all uppercase letters, although the first letters were enlarged to look capitalized. It looked like a sky with a sun rising on its horizon. The sun was done in white, so it blended with the background. Its rays, on the other hand, were done using a yellow and orange gradient. Their elongated, triangular shape with rounded corners made the company look more approachable and friendly to the customers.

Font and Color

SunTrust Banks Emblem

The blue color is a common choice across all industries as it is meant to represent the trustworthiness and reliability of an organization. The logo also featured yellow and orange colors. They are typically associated with warmth, positivity, energy, vigor, as well as intelligence. Slab serifs, bold font, and capitalized letters created an image of a stable company that one can depend on. To enhance this feeling, a narrow spacing between letters and their connection in some places gave an impression that it is a bank you can trust.