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StarCraft 2 is a Blizzard sci-fi video game, which was released in 2010. This real-time strategy game has its fans all over the globe and is available for both Windows and macOS operating systems.

Meaning and history

StarCraft 2 logo

The StarCraft 2 logo repeats the visual identity of the game’s first part and o my adds a Roman “II” sign to accent on the sequel.

The StarCraft 2 logo is composed of a three-dimensional wordmark in all the capital letters, with “S” and “C” enlarged. The nameplate is executed in a smooth futuristic typeface, which was replicated by Neale Davidson in his StarCraft font.

The Roman “II” sign is placed behind the wordmark and is executed in smooth entry confident lines, which tops are slightly curved.

The gray color palette of the StarCraft 2 logo makes the inscription look alive and dynamic. The glossy surface of the letters adds a futuristic and “space” spirit to the game’s visual identity, reflecting the essence and nature of the StarCraft.

The StarCraft 2 logo is a traditional yet actual and memorable example of a video game visual identity design. It looks strong and confident on any placement and fully reflects the plot of the game and its mood.


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