Standard & Poor’s Logo

Standard & Poor’s LogoStandard & Poor’s Logo PNG

Standard & Poor’s is the name of the most famous and reputable statistics agencies in the United States. The company was established in 1860 and has gotten the status of the Corporation in 1941. Based in New York, the agency has more than 10 thousand employees and a yearly revenue of more than 2,5 billion USD.

Meaning and history

One of the most influential rating agencies in the world, Standard and Poor’s, has a strong, bright yet laconic visual identity, which reflects its power and a perfect reputation.

The logo concept of the company includes a strict logotype and a geometric icon, where the color plays the most important role. The Standard & Poor’s logotype is written in black serif typeface with all the letters italicized. The inscription is set in two levels, with three thin and short red horizontal lines, dividing them on the left side.

Standard & Poor’s Logo

The black, white and red color palette is also used for all the sub-brands of the company and its website, where the name is shortened to “S & P” and written in a bold modern serif font in red.

For the icon, the company uses a square, which is horizontally divided into three parts — the upper one in white, the thin black in the middle, and the widest one, red on the bottom.

The red-white-black combination symbolizes power and passion, framed into professionalism, expertise, and authority, and accenting on loyalty and reliability.

As for the straight and clean geometric shapes of the Standard & Poor’s visual identity, it is a representation of the fundamental and structured approach of the agency, the importance of the proper gradation, subordination, and precision.