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Smitten is an innovative ice cream brand, churning out fresh, handcrafted treats using liquid nitrogen for an ultra-smooth texture. With a focus on natural, locally-sourced ingredients, Smitten appeals to the artisanal market.

Meaning and history

Smitten Ice Cream sprouted from the dream of revolutionizing the ice cream industry through technology and craftsmanship. Founded by Robyn Sue Fisher, a Stanford graduate, the company began as a single, custom-built “Brrr” machine in 2009, roving the streets of San Francisco on a Radio Flyer wagon. Fisher’s innovation was to combine fresh, local ingredients with liquid nitrogen to create ice cream on demand with unparalleled smoothness.

The concept swiftly captivated a following, leading to the opening of Smitten’s first permanent shop in 2011. Unlike traditional ice creameries, Smitten maintained a dedication to creating each batch to order, emphasizing quality and taste over mass production. The venture attracted attention, turning a single-shop operation into a burgeoning chain across the Bay Area.

As the company grew, it kept innovation at its core, continuously refining the “Brrr” machine and its processes to enhance the customer experience. Despite expansion, Smitten has not shifted from its original values: commitment to freshness, sustainability, and community. It has not publicized any ownership changes, suggesting that Fisher’s vision continues to guide the company’s trajectory. Smitten’s history is a testament to the power of innovation married with a passion for tradition, as it carves out its niche in the craft ice cream segment.


Smitten Logo

The logo for Smitten Ice Cream features a whimsical, curvaceous red script that spells out “Smitten” in a playful and inviting manner. The word “ICE CREAM” is situated below, in a more restrained sans-serif typeface, providing a balanced counterpoint to the exuberance of the main wordmark. Flanking the text on either side are two stylized stars, adding a touch of whimsy and emphasizing the brand’s promise of delight. The red color of the logo is bold and appetizing, associated with passion and flavor, which encapsulates the brand’s dedication to creating memorable, artisanal ice cream experiences. The registered trademark symbol confirms the exclusivity and authenticity of the brand identity.