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Smartwings is a renowned airline operating both scheduled and charter flights. It is owned by the Smartwings Group, a Czech aviation conglomerate. The company operates from its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic, and serves various destinations worldwide, including Europe, Asia, and Africa. With a modern fleet and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Smartwings offers reliable and comfortable air travel options for both leisure and business travelers.

Meaning and history

Smartwings Logo history

Smartwings is an airline founded by the Travel Service Group in 1997. It has achieved significant milestones since its establishment, including becoming the largest Czech airline and expanding its operations to cover a wide range of destinations in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The company has a modern fleet of aircraft and offers a diverse range of services, including scheduled flights, charter operations, and cargo transportation. Currently, Smartwings continues to thrive in the aviation industry, providing reliable and convenient travel options for passengers while focusing on maintaining high safety standards and customer satisfaction.

What is Smartwings?
Smartwings is an airline based in the Czech Republic. It operates both scheduled and charter flights to various destinations in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. With a fleet of modern aircraft, Smartwings offers affordable air travel options to travelers, emphasizing customer comfort and convenience.

1997 – 2018

Smartwings Logo 1997

The air carrier, known as SmartWings today, was established in 1997 under the name Travel Service. The first logo was established in blue and red, with the stylized solid emblem placed on the left from the two-leveled lettering, where the bold blue “Travel” was set in the uppercase of a geometric sans-serif font with a striped pattern, and a bold red cursive “Service” overlapping it at the bottom.

2018 – now

Smartwings Logo

In 218 the company was renamed and the new logo got introduced. The bold lowercase “Smartwings” is written in solid blue and followed by an orange stroke, looking like a vertical swirl, and symbolizing a wing.