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The Society for Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD) is a global community of professionals who work at the intersection of communication design and the built environment. Currently, SEGD focuses on education, community building, and advancing the field of environmental graphic design, encompassing signage, wayfinding, and experiential graphics. Their main markets include architects, designers, and other professionals involved in creating public spaces. The organization operates as a non-profit, and it is overseen by a board of directors made up of industry leaders and professionals.

Meaning and history

Society for Environmental Graphic Design Logo history

The Society for Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD) was founded in 1973 by a group of designers and industry professionals who recognized the need for a comprehensive organization to support the burgeoning field of environmental graphic design (EGD). Initially, SEGD focused on signage and wayfinding, but it soon expanded to include other types of environmental graphics, such as exhibits and themed environments.

Over the years, SEGD has grown from a small, niche organization to a global community that includes over 2,200 members in 35 countries. The organization has adapted to changes in the industry, embracing new technologies and methodologies, and expanding its focus to include experiential graphics and other emerging areas of EGD.

Throughout its history, SEGD has remained a non-profit organization, and it is governed by a board of directors made up of industry leaders and professionals. While the organization does not have traditional owners, it relies on membership dues, conference fees, and other sources of revenue to fund its operations.

SEGD’s educational programs have also evolved over the years. The organization now offers a wide range of resources, including webinars, workshops, and an annual conference, which provides opportunities for professionals to learn about the latest trends and best practices in EGD.

In addition to its educational offerings, SEGD has played a key role in advancing the field of EGD through research, publications, and advocacy. The organization has developed a series of best practice guides and standards that have helped to establish EGD as a recognized discipline within the design and architectural communities.

As SEGD continues to evolve, it remains committed to its core mission of supporting professionals in the field of environmental graphic design, while also working to promote the value of EGD in creating meaningful and engaging public spaces.

Before 2009

Society for Environmental Graphic Design Logo old

The design encapsulates a distinctively modern aura. It’s characterized by an asymmetrical, sun-kissed yellow, egg-like shape, that’s partially overlapped on its left side by a pristine white background. Positioned approximately in the center of the amber silhouette are the lowercase letters “segd” in a refreshing white hue. The typography is simple, yet exhibits a hint of casualness, perfectly complementing the free-flowing contour of the backdrop. Overall, the emblem exudes a sense of warmth and minimalist elegance, harmoniously intertwining typography with abstract geometry.

2009 – 2023

Society for Environmental Graphic Design Logo 2009

The graphic showcases a crisp and vibrant logo design. It consists of four upright rectangles of varying bold colors. The leftmost rectangle is in a lively shade of orange and prominently features the letter “S” in white. Next to it is a sky-blue rectangle highlighting the letter “E”, also in white. The adjacent rectangle presents a deep purple hue and has the letter “G” in a contrasting white. Concluding the sequence is a bright yellow rectangle displaying the letter “D”, again in white. Each letter seems to be strategically positioned in the center of its respective colored block. The entire composition radiates a contemporary and energetic aura, with each color and letter working harmoniously together.

2023 – Today

Society for Environmental Graphic Design Logo

To the left, there are four vertical bars, each exhibiting a gradient of colors that transition from warm tones like orange and red at the top, to cooler hues such as blue and violet at the bottom. These bars decrease in width sequentially from left to right. Adjacent to the colorful bars, the letters “se” are rendered in a bold, lowercase, black typeface. Following a slight space, the letters “EGD” are also presented in a bolder, uppercase, black font, emphasizing the acronym for the Society for Environmental Graphic Design. The entire composition offers a harmonious blend of modern design elements with the vibrancy of the gradient colors juxtaposed against the stark simplicity of the black typography.