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Scoot Tigerair Pte Ltd, which is a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, offers budget medium and long-haul flights from Singapore. It commenced operations in the summer of 2012. The majority of destinations are located in Australia, China, and India.

Meaning and history

Scoot Logo history

The Scoot logo is all about flying fast and high. We can mention, though, that the concept of the flight here is represented in a somewhat unusual way that isn’t often used by airline companies.

2011 – 2015

Scoot Logo 2011

The initial logotype of the brand was a 3D ball with the brand name on it. The ball was colored yellow and with a brighter flick of light in the center. The name of the company was shown close to the right edge, and it was mostly colored white.  The typeface used for the inscription had wide letters with a shadow under them.  The last ‘T’ character was driven out from the circle, but stayed adjacent to the other letters. It was slightly slanted and with the same coloring as the circle

2015 – Today

Scoot Logo

The brand was announced in May 2011 by Singapore Airlines. It was originally intended for medium and long-haul routes. Soon, it became known that the founding CEO of the company is Campbell Wilson. However, it wasn’t until November 2011 that the name of the brand was unveiled.

The company has been pretty consistent in its visual identity using the same logo for at least a decade. This makes us suggest that the design does its job well.

The Scoot logo is dominated by a huge yellow circle. It represents the sun. In other words, the pictorial part of the emblem just captures one of the magic moments of flying when you feel you’re closer to the sun.

While being at such a high level may seem an obvious visual metaphor for flying, it’s not used by airline companies very often. This makes it unique for the brand.

However, the company seems to have had other good reasons for such imagery, apart from the mere desire to stand out in the crowd. Yellow connotes youthfulness and optimism. This seems in line with the words on the airline’s website saying it works for “the young and the young-at-heart.” This message partly results from the brand’s pricing policy.

The black wordmark is highly legible on the yellow background. The shape of the letters echoes the circle of the sun. You can see that both the “o’s” are in fact rings, whereas the “c” is a ring with a gap.

The “t” adds an unusual touch. Firstly, it is the only glyph positioned outside the border of the sun. It immediately captures your attention making it an alternative visual center of the logo. The “t” resembles a scooter and, in this way, it creates a meaningful connection with the name of the brand and its promise to “scoot” you away.

What is Scoot
Scoot is a Singaporean low-cost airline that belongs to Singapore Airlines. It flies from Singapore to about 70 destinations and boasts a fleet including twenty-eight Airbus 320-family aircraft and twenty Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

On the downside, it does resemble a grave cross. That’s hardly a desirable connotation, taking into consideration that many people fear flying, even if they aren’t fully aware of it. The fact that the color of the cross is black only makes matters worse as, in many cultures, black symbolizes death.

Colors and font

Yellow has been used to symbolize the sun and also appeal to the young, which are an essential part of the brand’s target audience.

The addition of the black makes it close to the colors of wasps. On the one hand, it captures your attention, which is generally good for any brand. On the other hand, this is one of the “warning” color schemes. It may even contribute to the feeling of danger in some individuals. Given that many people are reluctant to use low-cost airlines due to safety concerns, the “warning” palette may seem a controversial choice.

While the type in the Scoot logo is fairly traditional, the “t” is customized to resemble a scooter.

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