Scarlett Logo

Scarlett Logo
In spite of the fact that the logo of the Russian-Chinese brand Scarlett has remained mostly consistent, there’ve been a couple of subtle modifications, which are especially visible if you compare different versions side by side.

Meaning and History logo

logo Scarlett

Although Scarlett has Russian and Chinese roots, the company itself was registered in Great Britain in 1996. It belongs to Arima Holding Corporation. The range of products sold under this brand includes a variety of small household appliances.

Old symbol

Scarlett symbol
The old Scarlett logo sported the text “Scarlet” in light blue capital letters. The word was italicized. The distinctive “A” and “E” featured an elongated middle bar stretching to the left.

Current emblem

Scarlett emblem
In the updated Scarlett logo, the letters were de-italicized acquiring a more solid and stable look. The glyphs grew wider, which only reinforced the effect. The “A” lost its unique elongated bar. Perhaps, the designers who worked on the emblem thought that the unusual “E” would be enough to make the logo instantly recognizable.


Scarlett Logo
Taking into consideration the name of the brand, a scarlet-dominated logo would have been perfectly natural. However, the company opted for a calmer, cooler option making light blue (close to aqua) its primary color.