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Rowenta is a German brand of domestic appliances, established in 1884 by Robert Weintraud. When it was founded, the company specializes in manufacturing of office supplies, lamps and clocks. Now the brand is one of the world’s leaders in production of vacuum cleaners and a range of small household appliances.

Meaning and history

Rowenta Logo history

1920s – 1970s

Rowenta Logo 1920


Rowenta Logo 1970

Before 2002

Rowenta Logo Before 2002
The Rowenta visual identity design, introduced in 1970, featured a minimalist and laconic logotype which looked very powerful and memorable due to the use of thick lines, massive shapes, and intense red color. It was a logotype with all the letters but first in the lowercase, executed in a bold and modern sans-serif typeface with the contours of “R”, “E” and “A” open. The letters of the inscription looked solid and futuristic, and the dark red color, used for the logotype, made it elegant and exquisite, evoking a sense of power and professionalism.

2005 – Today

Rowenta logo
The brand’s name Rowenta is composed of its founder’s name’s letters, RObert WEiNTrAud.

The Rowenta logo is a modern wordmark framed in a rectangular with rounded angles.

The strict gray color of the icon adds elegance and style to it, while the futuristic rounded lettering reflects the brand’s innovations and technologies. The Rowenta gray evoke the sense of professionalism and expertise.

The Rowenta motto is “Enjoy Technologies” and the company does its best to provide its consumers with the latest products of the highest quality and excellent design.