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Rosegal is a global online fashion retailer, which offers a wide selection of clothing, accessories, and footwear for men and women along with homeware goods and textiles. The website offers thousands of items with international delivery to almost any country in the world.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the fashion e-commerce platform is minimalist yet memorable and bright. The text-based logo is executed in two different styles and colors, reflecting the company’s profile and essence.

Split into two parts without spaces, the nameplate uses pink color for “Rose” and black for “Gal”. This color palette is a good reflection of style, femininity, and elegance, showing the online retailer as a professional and responsible and reflecting its expertise and style.

The simplicity of shapes and the absence of any additional graphics make the logo look strong and timeless, creating a great example of a fashion label logotype, which looks good as a website heading, not distracting from a wide range of clothing and accessories e-store offers to customers.

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The logo also looks good on the company’s packaging, whether it has a white or colorful background, like the classic combination and traditional typeface suits almost everything.


The wordmark in all capitals uses two different sans-serif typefaces for its two parts. “Rose” is executed in thick lines of a Classic Sans Bold font, but with “R” modified. The upper part of its vertical bar is era mars and this trick adds a sense of movements and dynamics to the whole logo, making it also unique and recognizable.

As for the “Gal” part, it uses light and thin style of the Glence Light typeface, balancing the bold pink part of the nameplate and adding freshness and simplicity to the inscription.


The e-commerce platform offers a great selection of clothing and accessories for men and women along with home decoration items and textiles. The company is very passionate about what it does and are fully chooses every item for their catalog so that their customers could get the best products for the lowest prices.

Rosegal Logo

The online retailer offers its customers to shop for thousands of items in such categories as dresses, swimwear, and outerwear, available also in plus-size, apparel and accessories for men, bags, and shoes along with jewelry and an interesting selection of wigs.

Another specific feature of the website is its beautiful selection of vintage-style outfits, which are suitable for any occasion, and able to show your individuality.

The platform has also a sale section with a huge variety of items available with up to 90% discount and has various offers and deals for new and returning customers.

The online retailer accepts various types of payments, including credit cards and money transfers and provides it, customers, with the best delivery service, with the possibility of tracking the order.