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The Belk Bowl was first held in 2002. Today, the college football bowl game is played every year at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Meaning and history

Belk Bowl Logo history

The inception of the Belk Bowl traces back to 2002, initially known as the Continental Tire Bowl, before Belk, Inc. took over as the title sponsor in 2011. This transition not only rebranded the event but also solidified its presence in the college football landscape. The bowl game was founded with the intent to provide a competitive platform for teams from the ACC and SEC, fostering a rivalry that extends beyond the regular season.

Throughout its history, the Belk Bowl has been instrumental in highlighting the talents of college athletes, many of whom have progressed to successful careers in the NFL. The game has also significantly contributed to the local economy of Charlotte, drawing fans from across the country. Its main achievements include memorable matches that have gone down in college football lore, alongside fostering community engagement through various events surrounding the game.

As of now, the Belk Bowl continues to be a pivotal end-of-year event, maintaining its status as a cherished tradition in college football. Its current position is not just as a game, but as a festival celebrating the spirit of collegiate athletics, with a promising future in contributing to the sport’s growth and the enrichment of its participating communities.

What is Belk Bowl?
Belk Bowl is the American football Bowl game, annually played between college teams since 2002. The Bowl was established as Queen City Bowl, and in 2019 it was renamed Duke’s Mayo Bowl. The game belongs to Atlantic Coast Conference.

2002 – 2004

Belk Bowl Logo 2002
The original badge for the Bell Bowl, designed in 2002, featured a yellow and black composition with a wet ti ally located rugby ball in two shades of yellow, and a horizontally oriented rectangular badge with the tire pattern on it. The badge was representing a laying tire, with the two-level inscription written over it: the golden “Continental” logotype, and the “Tire Bowl” in the uppercase, set under it in a white and gray palette. The badge was decorated by thin silver rays coming out of its center to the sides.

2005 – 2010

Belk Bowl Logo 2005
The redesign of 2005 introduced a new version of the badge, which was still set in a yellow and black color palette, but with small red details. The redrawn rugby ball was now set diagonally on top of the badge. As for the banner, it got enlarged and drawn in yellow, with a black outline and a red, black, and white stylized road image on its left part. The new inscription was composed of the lowercase “Meineke Car Care” in two lines, executed in an italicized sans-serif typeface. The “Bowl” in bold capitals of a stylized font was set in the bottom of the badge, in white, with a black and red outline.

2011 – 2014

Belk Bowl Logo-2011In 2011, the name “Belk Bowl” was adopted because the department store chain Belk became the sponsor of the game. Since then, the Belk Bowl logo has stayed pretty much the same, with only subtle shifts of the palette and a couple of small strokes or details here and there.

2015 – 2016

Belk Bowl Logo-2015
The only new thing brought to the Belk Bowl logo in 2015 was the additional white lettering, placed on the bottom part of the crest, around the vertically oriented light blue rugby. On the left from it there was “SEC” and on the right — “ACC”. Both parts of the inscription were executed in an extra bold serif typeface, in white capitals. That small additional text didn’t change the overall look of the logo, so the redesigned passed almost unnoticed.

2017 – 2019

Belk Bowl Logo 2017
The centerpiece of the logo is the logo of the department store chain Belk featuring three petals and the name “Belk.” The word “Bowl” is placed at the bottom of the large shield shape.

2020 – Today

Belk Bowl logo
After the rename of the Bowl to Duke’s Mayo Bowl, the logo was redesigned too. The new badge is set in the yellow, black and red color palette, used in the very first badges of the Bowl. The logo features an arched top and bottom lines, and a yellow and black background, depicting a Stadium. The “Duke’s” part of the inscription is written in bold black cursive with a white outline, set on the top yellow part of the logo, the white sans-serif “Mayo” in all capitals, set on a delicate red ridden in the middle, and the bold “Bowl” in all capitals of a square sans-serif font, with the letters set on a quite large distance from each other.