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Rogožarski is a renowned aviation company specializing in aircraft manufacturing and maintenance. With a diverse portfolio of products, the company is known for its innovative designs and exceptional engineering capabilities. As a subsidiary of the prominent aerospace corporation, Aeroindustry Corporation, Rogožarski benefits from its extensive resources and global network. The company operates from its state-of-the-art facilities located in Belgrade, Serbia, employing a team of skilled professionals who ensure the highest quality standards in aviation production.

Meaning and history

Rogožarski Logo

Rogožarski Aircraft Company, founded by brothers Ljubomir and Voislav Rogožarski in 1924, played a significant role in the aviation industry. Based in Belgrade, Serbia, the company excelled in designing and manufacturing aircraft during its operation. Their notable achievements include the production of military planes like the IK-3 fighter, which showcased advanced features for its time, and the SIM-XIV-H hydroplane, renowned for its exceptional performance in various competitions.

Rogožarski Aircraft Company became a reliable supplier to the Royal Yugoslav Air Force and also exported its aircraft to several countries. During World War II, the company faced challenges due to the occupation of Yugoslavia, but it managed to resume production after the war. However, the changing political landscape and economic difficulties in the region led to the eventual closure of the company in 1952.

Despite the company’s closure, Rogožarski’s legacy lives on. Today, the aviation industry recognizes the company for its contribution to aircraft design and manufacturing during the interwar period. The advancements made by Rogožarski have left a lasting impact on the development of aviation technology.

What is Rogožarski?
Rogožarski is a historical aircraft manufacturer from Serbia. Founded in 1924, Rogožarski produced various military aircraft during its existence, including fighter planes and bombers. It played a significant role in the aviation industry, particularly during the early and mid-20th century.