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RF Online is a fantasy video game, which was first released in 2004. Today the MMORPG game, which is extremely popular across the globe and especially in Asia, has its versions available for various platforms and recently released the game for virtual reality.

Meaning and history

RF Online logo

The logo of a popular fantasy game is very laconic yet pretty well recognized across the globe due to the elegant and sharp emblem, placed between the two parts of the wordmark.

The RF Online nameplate is executed in a very minimalist and clean sans-serif typeface with thin lines and traditional cuts and angles. Though due to the condensed contours of the letters it looks stylish and sophisticated. The typeface of the game’s wordmark is very similar to Kapra Neue Pro Light Condensed font, with is a modern and cool sans-serif.

RF Online emblem

Executed in monochrome, the inscription is complemented by a bright yellow (which sometimes turns orange, depending on placement) emblem, which is definitely the game’s signifier and is used as an icon when needed.

The RF Online emblem is an abstract V-shape symbol with its tails elongated and sharp, which looks like a badge of an expensive racing car, evoking a sense of luxury and power. It reflects the purpose and character of the game, showing its developers like the ones who value quality and design.