Republican Logo

Republican Logo

Basically, the term “Republican logo” may refer either to the party’s mascot, the elephant, or to the GOP wordmark. The elephant is considered a symbol of intelligence, strength and dignity. Some of the alternative Republican emblems include the bald eagle (in Indiana, New York, and Ohio) and the log cabin (in Kentucky).

Meaning and History logo

Republican Logo history

The elephant has been the party’s mascot since November 1874, when it appeared in Harper’s Weekly. It was a part of a political cartoon created by Thomas Nast.

Very soon, the animal started to appear in many political posters. Also, it was often used in political cartoons next to another mascot, the Democratic Donkey.

republican party logo

In the course of time, the emblem went through a sequence of changes. The elephant lost some weight and turned into a stylized emblem. Designers “dressed” it up in a suit of red, white, and blue. Also, three white stars appeared on its blue back.

republican elephant logo

One more noticeable update happened around 2000, not long before the first year of George W. Bush’s administration. First of all, the stars in the logo were turned upside down, so that the points were down. In addition to this, there was a shift in the color scheme: darker shades of red and blue were chosen.

The GOP symbol

symbol Republican

Basically, the wordmark logo contains the initials of the party’s nickname (Grand Old Party). The white letters and the white elephant are given against the red background. The font or the way the elephant is positioned may change, but on the whole the emblem remains mostly consistent.

Is the Elephant a satanic emblem?

Republican emblem

When the stars in the logo were turned upside down around 2000, quite a few conspiracy theorists claimed that they looked like devilish pentagrams. The GOP representatives have not given any explanations for the “satanic” symbolism, leaving a lot of room for accusations.


Republican Logos

The font featured in the Republican Party wordmark is a simple all-cap sans serif type. It lacks uniqueness yet is perfectly legible.


Color Republican Logo

The colors of the Republican logo are those of the American flag: red, white, and blue. Red has been the main color associated with the party since the 2000 election.