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Clown Face Emojis
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The clown face emoji is a classic image of a circus clown. White face with stage makeup: red nose, exaggerated mouth, enlarged circled eyes, and hair styled on both sides of the bald spot. Hair color and makeup shades may vary slightly, depending on the platform.

The Clown Face Emoji was approved as part of Unicode version 9.0 in 2016. The smiley face was added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016. This emoji has no gender differences or skin color alternatives.

Meaning of the Clown Face Emoji

Clown Face Emoji

In its early days, the Clown Face emoji was most often used in the context of circuses, festivals, and fairs of all kinds, where clowns are typical characters and represent fun and laughter. Recently, however, the Clown Emoji has taken on many more meanings, some of which are far from good-natured fun.

Today, more and more often the meaning that the clown emoji conveys is something more negative. This brightly colored picture can mean that someone is a fool, or to mock a bad joke. Also, many people use this emoji to mock someone who has done something inappropriate or ridiculous.

Slightly less commonly, the Clown Face Emoji is used in a creepy sense, as for many people it is associated with the horror movie It, based on the work of Stephen King.

The Use of the Clown Face Emoji

A circus clown with white makeup and a red nose is far from being as unambiguous as it may seem at first glance. Despite the obvious association with the classic Joker, this image has two variations and is used to describe both funny and scary situations. In addition, the clown face emoji often depicts mockery or downright disdain. In social networks and chat rooms, the clown emoji increasingly means “idiocy” rather than “funny”. Speaking of social networks, the Clown Face Emoji has become more than just an emoticon, but almost a meme and a signifier of TikTok.

Clown Face Emoji in TikTok

Clown Face Emoji in TikTok

The Clown Face emoticon is in great demand in TikTok. Very often it is put in the description of the video or the comments.  The hashtag #clown has garnered over 70 million views, which is quite impressive. But does the meaning of Clown Emoji in the popular social network differ from the ones described above?

There are several ways to use Clown Face Emoji in TikTok:

  • The Clown Face Emoji is most often used in the context of mocking someone or a situation in general.
  • Also, the Clown Face emoticon can mean gloating. I.e. malicious joy over the failure or misfortune of someone.
  • In other cases, the Clown Face Emoji indicates thematic videos with a clown


As you’ve just seen, the clown face emoji is quite multitasking. It can be used both as an indicator of fun and joy, as a mockery, and as a scary clown from horror movies. Also, sometimes the Clown Face Emoji is used as an unflattering nickname for Donald Trump.

Clown Face Emoji most often means:

  • ridicule, sarcasm, mockery;
  • something fun, attractive;
  • an ironic attitude,
  • a self-critical joke,
  • a sarcastic attitude toward an idea.