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Real Salt Lake is the name of a football club from the United States, which was es-tablished in 2004. Today the club from Utah, nicknamed “Claret and Cobalt” is owned by Dell Loy Hansen and has Freddy Juarez as the head coach.

Meaning and history

The Real Salt Lake FC visual identity has never been changed since the date of the club’s establishment. Its traditional yet bright badge comprises two main elements, which are placed together on the official version, and are used separately for addi-tional emblems.

2004 — Today

Real Salt Lake logo

The logo, designed for Real Salt Lake in 2004 is composed of a classic crest badge with clean lines, a royal blue body, and a triple burgundy and gold frame. On the upper part of the crest there is a wordmark set it two levels, and under it — the club’s monogram, enclosed in a circular outline.

The wordmark is executed in two different styles: the sleek and bold “Real” with all letters but “E” capitalized and executed in a classy serif font with elongated tails of “R” and “L”, and a “Salt Lake” inscription, placed under “AL” letters in plain white.

The letter “e” of the “Real” is placed slightly diagonally and has a crown above it, which points to the Spanish meaning of the world, “Royal”. The yellow color of the crown is balanced by a yellow outline of the whole letters.

As for the bottom part of the crest, it features a burgundy and yellow color palette for the monogram, and some white accents for the football, which is placed under it. The intertwined “RSL” letters are written in a sophisticated serif font and have two curved lines making the frame for them.

When needed, the team uses only a circular medallion with a monogram and a yellow crown above it as their logo, or just the wordmark part, placed on a blue background, for a stricter tone.

Another version of the Real Salt Lake badge is composed of the same crest in the same color palette but has no lettering on it, and the crown is placed above the “RSL” medallion, put in the center of the composition.

Real Salt Lake Colors

HEX COLOR: #B30838;
RGB: (179, 8, 56)

HEX COLOR: #013A81; 
RGB: (1, 58, 129)

HEX COLOR: #F5E700; 
RGB: (245, 231, 0)

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