RAID: Shadow Legends Logo

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RAID: Shadow Legends is a mobile role-playing strategy game in which players must assemble their teams of more than three hundred unique heroes, fight dangerous monsters and bosses, and strengthen and upgrade their heroes in every way. Also, players can try their hand in the PvP-arena, where players fight not with computer opponents, and with real people.

Meaning and history

The game is built around a collection of heroes that belong to different factions have their unique features and can be common, unusual, rare, unique, and legendary. The rarer a hero is, the more valuable he is.

Heroes cannot just be obtained, even for real money. To get heroes, you have to use special splinters (the implementation of loot boxes). To get the hero you want, you need to unlock hundreds of shards, which can take up to a month of playing time. But, unlike heroes, shards can be bought.

The main features of the game include hundreds of warriors from 16 factions. Balanced teams of sorcerers, werewolves, undead, knights, elves, and more. The player has to defeat dozens of challenging bosses for loot, experience, and special rewards for champions. In RAID: Shadow Legends you can find battles with other players to unlock special equipment and climb the rankings in intense arena battles.

RAID: Shadow Legends Logo

RAID Shadow Legends Logo

As the game was introduced in 2018, its visual identity hasn’t changed much throughout the years. The logo, created in 2018 is still in use by the company and already became instantly recognizable all over the globe, being synonymous with a very special and interesting experience.

The logo is composed of two wordmark’s placed one under another on a black or white background. The upper line features a stylized “Raid” in the uppercase, cut diagonally through the whole inscription, with a line, resembling a sword cut.

The bottom line is also set in all capitals, but uses a more classic square font and shows the “Shadow Legends” lettering in a gradient orange-gold.

Color and font

The color palette of the RAID: Shadow Legends logo is based on two main shades — silver-gray and orange-gold, both are used in gradient tones. As for the background, it is whether black or white, which creates a sense of power and timelessness and also evokes a very strong feeling of brutality and masculinity.

The custom font of the logo is all about straight lines and distinct angles. Stable confident figures of the letters look powerful and sharp, and small design elements (as the sword cut and elongated lines of some letter in “RAID”) only elevate this feeling.


For its icon, RAID: Shadow Legends online game uses several options. Apart from the main logotype, added to the bottom line of colorful emblems with game heroes depicted on circular or square medallions and enclosed into thick bright frames, there are also versions with no lettering at all.

Thus, the most famous icon of the game is a bright and very detailed portrait of one of the game’s characters, placed in a square with rounded angles. The main color palette here varies from green as the main shade to orange, depending on the version of the game, mean, and needs of the developers.