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Primordial is a product line by Mister Pet, crafted to align with the predatory dietary habits of cats and dogs. Conceived by Mister Pet, a company potentially rooted in a region with rich pet care innovation, these products aim to provide pets with a natural, protein-centric diet that’s low in grains, emulating the nutrition of their wild ancestors. It’s a culinary nod to the primal, ensuring domesticated companions thrive on a diet echoing their evolutionary needs.

Meaning and history

Primordial by Mister Pet emerges as a homage to the ancestral diet of pets, a curated blend of nature’s intent and modern nutrition science. Conceived by a visionary team at Mister Pet, the line likely originated in a locale steeped in pet wellness culture. It represents a shift from conventional pet food, spotlighting high-protein, low-grain recipes that resonate with the carnivorous essence of dogs and cats. The creation of Primordial is driven by a philosophy to reconnect domestic pets with their wild roots, providing a diet that’s both instinctual and scientifically sound. This journey from concept to kitchen bowls encapsulates a commitment to pet health, combining tradition with innovation.

What is Primordial?
Primordial is a pet food range that revisits and honors the ancient, inherent feeding instincts of cats and dogs. Anatomically designed as carnivores, evidenced by their dental structure and short digestive tracts, these animals have a natural propensity for a protein-rich, meat-based diet with minimal grain content. This line of nourishment taps into the primal dietary preferences of these pets, providing meals that align closely with their evolutionary habits.


Primordial Logo

The logo features an elegant, free-flowing script that evokes a sense of antiquity and uniqueness. “Primordial”, penned in an earthy, organic font, suggests a connection to the origins and nature. The tagline “by Mister Pet” in a simpler script underneath hints at a personalized touch by the brand, indicating a specialty in pets. The contrast between the dominant, artistic strokes of “Primordial” and the straightforwardness of “by Mister Pet” reflects a blend of the primal with the contemporary.

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