Embarked by Paul F. Iams, an intuitive animal nutrition expert in Dayton, Ohio, IAMS stands as a vanguard in the pet nourishment realm. Pioneering with protein-dense, flesh-centric meals for felines and canines, IAMS reshaped pet sustenance philosophies. Distinct in its approach, the brand rejected common grain-dominated feeds, instead forging a path of tailored dietary solutions aimed at bolstering pet vitality, encapsulated by its creed, “IAMS: Good for Life.”

Meaning and history

IAMS, a pioneering pet food company, was founded in 1946 in Dayton, Ohio, by animal nutritionist Paul F. Iams. Initially, Iams challenged conventional pet diets by introducing protein-rich, meat-based foods, marking a departure from prevalent grain-based formulas. This innovation reflected Iams’s commitment to improving pet health through tailored nutrition.

In the 1950s, IAMS debuted with its first product line, “IAMS 999”, a high-protein dog food. The company continued to innovate, launching the “IAMS Plus” line in the 1960s, which included beet pulp for digestive health.

The 1980s marked a pivotal era, with the introduction of the “IAMS Chunks” dog food, a breakthrough in canine diet. IAMS also expanded into cat food, understanding feline-specific nutritional needs.

Acquisitions played a significant role in IAMS’s history. Procter & Gamble acquired it in 1999, broadening the brand’s reach and resources. However, in 2014, Mars, Inc., a global player in pet care, took over, further enhancing IAMS’s market presence.

Throughout, IAMS has emphasized research and innovation in pet nutrition, significantly shaping industry standards. The brand’s legacy continues as it strives to offer premium, health-focused products for pets worldwide.

What is IAMS?
IAMS is a distinguished pet food brand renowned for its nutrition-focused approach in dog and cat diets. Founded in 1946 by visionary Paul F. Iams, the company revolutionized pet food with high-protein, meat-based formulations, emphasizing the health and wellbeing of pets through innovative, scientifically-backed nutrition.

1980 – Today

IAMS logo

The logo depicts the brand name “IAMS” in bold, emerald green letters, conveying a sense of vitality and growth. Above the ‘S’, there is a cluster of paw prints in varying sizes, symbolizing the brand’s focus on pets. The use of white space around the text and paw prints creates a clean, modern aesthetic.

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