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Primera Air is an airline that specializes in providing scheduled and charter flights to various destinations. It is privately owned and operated by Primera Travel Group. The company serves a wide range of locations, including popular tourist destinations, major cities, and holiday resorts across Europe, North America, and Asia. With a focus on affordable travel, Primera Air strives to offer competitive prices while maintaining high-quality service for its passengers.

Meaning and history

Primera Air Logo

Primera Air was founded by the Primera Travel Group in 2003. It was a leisure airline headquartered in Denmark, offering both scheduled and charter flights. Primera Air aimed to provide affordable travel options for passengers.

The airline achieved significant milestones during its operation. It expanded its route network, connecting various European cities with popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean, North America, and the Middle East. Primera Air also upgraded its fleet by adding modern aircraft, such as Airbus A321neo and Boeing 737 MAX.

However, Primera Air faced financial difficulties and declared bankruptcy in October 2018. This sudden cessation of operations left many passengers stranded and caused disruption in the travel industry. Efforts were made to assist affected passengers, but the airline’s closure marked a significant setback.

Primera Air ceased operations, and there have been no significant developments regarding its revival. It serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by airlines in a highly competitive industry.

What is Primera Air?
Primera Air was a low-cost airline based in Denmark and Latvia. It operated flights to various destinations in Europe, North America, and Asia. However, the airline ceased operations in October 2018 due to financial difficulties.