Philadelphia 76ers logo

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philadelphia 76ers logo


The US basketball team the Philadelphia 76ers has had a long history. Their logo has changed several times over the years. At present the Sixers can boast of having an impressive collection of primary, alternate and secondary logos.

Meaning and history

Philadelphia 76ers logo history

The Philadelphia 76ers logo history began in 1946, though at that time the team was known under the name of the Syracuse Nationals. Their logo, encircled by red and blue stars, featured red and white stripes, a map of the US on them and the wordmark “Nationals” on the map.

Two years later the map on the logo became white, the wordmark turned into “SYRACUSE Nationals” and it was now blue, as well as the stars.

In 1963 the team got a new name ‒ the Philadelphia 76ers. It was at that time that “7” (red) and “6” (blue) appeared on its logo. The figures were inspired by the Declaration of Independence which was signed in Philadelphia in 1776. The Philadelphia Sixers logo also incorporated 13 blue stars above “7”, forming a circle, which stood for the first American Colonies.

Philadelphia 76ers logo new

In 1978 the club placed the original logo on a basketball. That emblem existed for twenty years until it was replaced by something entirely new ‒ a black background with the usual wordmark “76ERS”, but this time in gold, a basketball of the same color below it, blue flowing stripes and a star in red and silver to the left.

In 2010 they returned to the Philadelphia 76ers old logo and stuck it in a rectangle with a red background. The inscription “PHILADELPHIA” in white appeared on the blue background.

The Current Logo

logo philadelphia 76ers

The present primary logo (2015) is an interpretation of the classic Philadelphia 76ers emblem. It was taken out of the rectangle and put inside a circle with a blue boarder on which they placed the word “PHILADELPHIA” (above) and six stars (below). The basketball has been rotated, judging by the position of its seams.


The font of the first logos is a signature-style font. It looks somewhat old-fashioned and resembles the historical handwriting font used in the Declaration of Independence. The typeface for the word “PHILADELPHIA” on the present logo looks like Times New Roman.


Color Philadelphia 76ers Logo

The color palette of the Philadelphia 76ers logo has always included red, blue and white. They convey the patriotic character of the United States because these are the colors of the flag of the country.