Need for Speed Logo

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Need for Speed logo

Need for Speed is one of the most popular raging video-games across the globe, which was released in 2002 by Electronic Arts. Today the game is owned by Criterion and is considered to be one of the most successful in history, with over 150 million copies sold.

Meaning and history

The Need for Speed visual identity was always text-based but has undergone five redesigns during the game’s history. It’s bold and strong wordmark was refined and gained more power with every change.

1994 — 1997

The original Need for Speed logo was designed in 1994 and featured four levels of the wordmark, each word on its separate line. All capital letters of the inscription were executed in a simple and neat sans-serif typeface, which was slightly italicized. The color palette was gradient red, which was the most intense in the upper part of the nameplate and became orange on its bottom part. It looks pretty dynamic and bright on the black background.

1997 — 2003

The redesign of 1997 brought a new typeface to the logo. The letters in a narrowed bold sans-serif font are now more inclined, which evokes a sense of speed and race. The logo looks simple yet strong.

2003 — 2008

In 2003 the “For” lettering gains a smaller size and is placed on the elongated tail of the letter “S”. This was something new for the brand’s visual identity, but it was a symbol of movement and high speed.

2008 — 2013

The new sharp typeface appears on the Need for Speed logo in 2008. The letter “N” is written in the lowercase, but has the same size as the other letters of the inscription. Letters “E” in both words are connected to each other and to the “D”. All the horizontal bars of the wordmark have a diagonal cut and pointed angles, which looks modern and powerful.

2013 — 2014

In 2013 the game simplified its logo. Now the simple sans-serif lettering with nar-rowed elongated letters creates the logo composition. The “For” is in smaller letters and placed under the “Need”.

2014 — Today

Need for Speed logo

The redesign of 2014 combines two latest versions of the Need for Speed logo. All the letters are capitalized and separated from each other, but the diagonal cut of “E” and “F” horizontal bars is taken from the 2008 logo design.

The logo from 2014 replicates the gradient red from the original logo, but now it goes from left to right — from purple to light orange.

The Need for Speed logo is simple yet modern and evokes a sense of speed, energy, and dynamics. It looks bright and recognizable and is suitable for any placement.