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Navi, also known as Natus Vincere, is a Ukrainian e-sport league, which was orga-nized in 2008. Today the organization has international teams, specialized in various online games, but the most successful game for the league has always been Counter-Strike.

Meaning and history

Navi logo

The name of the organization, NaVi, is a derivative from “Natus Vincere”, which translates from a Latin as “Born to Win”. This brave and powerful meaning is fully reflected in the group’s logo.

The Navi logo is composed of a diagonally located rectangle with rounded angles, with the “NAVI” lettering as the main part of the composition and a delicate tagline under it.

The nameplate is executed in a custom sans-serif typeface, where “A” shares its left diagonal bar with “N”, and it is right — with “V”. The yellow color of the inscription looks defiant and cool, showing the fighting spirit of the team and its win mood.

The “Natus Vincere” tagline in all the capitals is written in a thin rounded sans-serif typeface and uses white color, as well as the circle, separating the two words. The circle contains “The Multigaming Team” lettering placed around its perimeter and adds lightness and balance to the bold modern logo.