N64 Logo

N64 Logo

Simple as it seems, the N64 logo holds a hidden mathematical connection to the brand’s name and the type of processing unit is uses.

Meaning and history N64 Logo

Logo N64

When Nintendo 64 was introduced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 1995, it had an emblem that looked very close to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy logos. Moreover, the product was unveiled under the name of Nintendo Ultra 64.

However, shortly after the company adopted a new global branding strategy, according to which the product was given a different name, which was adopted in all the countries: Nintendo 64. This was done in order to create a single worldwide brand and logo for the console.

Symbol N64

Symbol N64

The N64 logo consists of the wordmark and an emblem featuring a 3D model of four letters “N” joined together. The figure “64” that is a part of the wordmark reminds of the fact that the console got its name after its 64-bit central processing unit.

Emblem N64

Emblem N64

The most interesting fact concerning the Nintendo 64 logo is that it has 64 faces and 64 vertices if rendered as a 3D model. If you try counting on your own, you may come to the conclusion that the numbers of the faces and vertices are different. That is because the Nintendo designers counted not only the blocks that are visible, but also the hidden ones.

Font of the N64 Logo

Font N64 Logo

As far as the Nintendo 64 logo is built around a single letter, we should point out its typographic qualities. The capital “N” belongs to a clear sans-serif typeface looking somewhat stocky and solid.

Color of the N64 Logo

Color N64 Logo

The basic logo comprises four colors: red, green, blue, and yellow. In each case, designers opted for a bright, eye-catching shade. As the result of this, the N64 logo leaves a vivid visual impression. Interestingly enough, these colors coincide with the colors of the buttons on the Nintendo 64 console (four yellow buttons, one red, one green, and one blue).

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