Most Famous Logos with Moon

Most Famous Logos with Moon

Today we decided to please your eyes with an incredibly beautiful and elegant selection of logos, logos in the image of the moon. The moon is the embodiment of femininity. Therefore, the night luminary is a symbol of great power, hidden under a false sense of peace and tranquility. The moon mesmerized people with its mystery. People worshiped the moon and believed in its power over the sun. For this reason, people treated eclipses with great fear. The energy of the moon represents calmness, introspection, softness, and coolness. It is the spiritualization of creativity and the beginning of the flow of thoughts and ideas.

In the past, time was measured by the phases of the Moon, so it was considered the bearer of change, suffering, and decay, the condition of human life on Earth. Changing in its phases symbolizes the realm of becoming.

However, despite its deep meaning and mystical mood, in the logos you’ll see below, the moon is depicted mostly as a depiction of the brand name – In the list, you’ll find companies containing both Moon and Luna in the name.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Logo

The Sailor Moon logo features an elegant and whimsical cursive style that embodies the iconic anime series. Set against a striking crescent moon in radiant yellow, the logo’s bold, flowing letters are outlined in pink, with a star perched delicately on the ‘i’. The design evokes themes of magic, friendship, and cosmic adventure that define the story of Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) and her fellow Sailor Guardians. This logo symbolizes the show’s blend of fantasy and heroism, reflecting a journey of love and justice.


Moontide Media Logo

The Moonlite Storytime logo combines childlike joy with an imaginative twist. Dominated by a bright blue and yellow color scheme, it features a full moon with twinkling stars that promise magical bedtime tales. The whimsical typeface and playful arrangement highlight the brand’s focus on innovative storytelling, offering an immersive and educational bedtime experience that captivates children’s imaginations.


Wellness Logo

The Wellness Pet Company logo in deep purple reflects a holistic approach to pet care. A stylized emblem features a celestial duo—a sun and a moon—paired with a star, signifying the company’s commitment to providing balanced, nutritious pet food for all stages of a pet’s life. The sleek typography and simple yet meaningful imagery convey a dedication to quality, health, and natural ingredients.


Besiktas Logo

The Besiktas logo blends traditional elements with national pride. Its black and white shield-like crest is adorned with a red emblem, featuring a crescent moon and star emblematic of Turkey. The bold “BJK” initials and “1903” mark Besiktas’ establishment as one of Turkey’s oldest sports clubs, illustrating a proud legacy rooted in Istanbul’s storied football history.


Antefilms Logo

The Antefilms Studio logo sports a bright yellow crescent moon as the backdrop to playful typography in bold white letters outlined in black. The moon’s crescent shape and the text’s cartoonish style convey the creative, youthful spirit that defines the studio’s work. As part of Moonscoop, it represents imaginative storytelling in animation.

Moon Knight

Marvel’s Moon Knight Logo

The Moon Knight logo is stark yet mysterious, perfectly encapsulating the superhero’s enigmatic persona. The logo features bold, uppercase typography with the second “O” cleverly stylized as a crescent moon. This subtle yet striking lunar imagery captures the character’s connection to ancient mythology and reflects his layered persona. The sleek, futuristic design hints at the show’s blend of psychological drama, action, and ancient mysticism. This logo artfully conveys intrigue, suspense, and the interplay between light and darkness, aligning with Moon Knight’s multi-faceted nature and his journey as Marvel’s enigmatic vigilante.


Luna Logo

The Luna Flooring Gallery logo embodies simplicity and elegance. The logo features a circular blue backdrop, with a bold crescent moon on the left and the word “LUNA” in large, uppercase white letters. Below, “Flooring Gallery” is displayed in a more subdued font. The crescent moon serves as a subtle metaphor for innovation and brightness in the world of flooring, emphasizing the company’s focus on illuminating and transforming spaces with premium products.

Moon Pie

MoonPie Logo

The Moon Pie logo marries tradition with a playful design. Dominated by deep blue and gold, the logo showcases a smiling crescent moon and the name “Moon Pie” in bold, stylized letters. A red banner crowns the circular logo, stating “The Original Marshmallow Sandwich,” while the “Since 1917” text honors its storied history. This logo signifies a beloved American treat, evoking nostalgia and a comforting promise of delicious sweetness.

Moon Valley Nurseries

Moon Valley Nursery Logo

The Moon Valley Nurseries logo combines a striking palette with friendly imagery. It features a yellow crescent moon with a smiling face on the left side of a vibrant red oval. Inside, the company name is displayed prominently in white and black. The playful moon personifies the brand, conveying warmth and approachability. The overall design reflects a passion for nurturing gardens and landscapes with quality plants and expert advice.

Premier Inn

Premier Inn Logo

The Premier Inn logo is refined and calming, ideal for a hospitality brand. Set against a rich purple background, it shows a serene crescent moon with a peaceful face, accompanied by twinkling stars above. The company name below, in a friendly, rounded font, completes the inviting image. This logo embodies relaxation, promising restful nights and quality stays at their hotels.

DreamWorks Animation

DreamWorks Animation Logo

The DreamWorks Animation logo captures whimsy and imagination with a boy fishing from a crescent moon. Set against a circular deep blue background, the silhouette conveys a sense of adventure and creativity. The company name below appears in elegant serif letters. This logo embodies the studio’s mission to create compelling animated films that transport audiences to magical worlds.

Blue Moon Brewing Company

Blue Moon Brewing Company Logo

The Blue Moon Brewing Company logo is a vibrant representation of creativity and craftsmanship. A bright blue circular background depicts a shining full moon, while the company name arches across in elegant, stylized script. The logo reflects the brand’s dedication to brewing flavorful beers that transcend tradition, offering a refreshing twist to beer enthusiasts worldwide.

Moontide Media

Moonlite Logo

The Moontide Media logo creatively merges bold, lowercase typography with a captivating gradient. The “O” is transformed into a radiant moon-like sphere, blending shades of teal, purple, and blue. This design evokes the fluidity of tides and lunar phases, embodying the company’s innovative approach to digital marketing. The logo suggests adaptability and creativity, positioning Moontide Media as a forward-thinking agency ready to deliver impactful results.


Instamoda Logo

The Instamoda logo bursts with vibrant colors, hinting at creativity and style. The multi-hued mosaic background within a rounded square shape creates a distinctive, modern frame. A prominent wave-like swirl sits front and center, combining deep blue and green tones for an eye-catching contrast. This geometric and colorful design reflects Instamoda’s focus on digital engagement, connecting fashion enthusiasts through contemporary social media and visual storytelling.

Luna Guitars

Luna Guitars Logo

The Luna Guitars logo captures the brand’s distinctive blend of artistry and functionality. A crescent moon overlaps a compass-like symbol, signifying direction and exploration. The typeface is elegant, with “Luna Guitars” in bold, serif letters above “community” in a softer, handwritten style. This visual identity conveys the company’s dedication to crafting instruments that resonate with a community of musicians seeking creative harmony.

Moon Audio

Moon Audio Logo

The Moon Audio logo is strikingly simple yet highly symbolic. In the center, a photorealistic full moon image is placed between the words “MOON” and “AUDIO” in bold, sans-serif font. This celestial icon signifies the company’s dedication to providing high-fidelity audio equipment, creating sound experiences that are both immersive and out of this world.

Blue Moon Software

Blue Moon Software Logo

The Blue Moon Software logo cleverly combines space exploration with digital technology. A sleek rocket ship icon, outlined in light blue, launches from a dark blue circular background. To the right, “blue moon” is written in a mix of bold and regular fonts, conveying a futuristic and dynamic approach to software development. The entire design represents innovation and progress in the tech industry.

Luna Bar

Luna Bar Logo

The Luna Bar logo radiates vitality and positivity. It features a bright blue oval with swirling white accents, symbolizing energy. The name “LUNA” is in bold yellow letters with a crescent moon incorporated into the ‘A.’ A lighter crescent moon behind the name reinforces the celestial theme. This design represents the brand’s focus on wholesome, empowering nutrition for active women, highlighting Luna Bar’s emphasis on quality and wellness.


MoonPay Logo

The MoonPay logo is sleek and modern, embodying the company’s innovative approach to digital payments. A large purple circle and a smaller dot represent the moon and a satellite, while the word “MoonPay” appears in bold black letters to the right. This minimalist design evokes a sense of reliability and forward-thinking, representing MoonPay’s seamless integration of cryptocurrency into everyday financial transactions.

Lunar Embassy

Lunar Embassy Logo

The Lunar Embassy logo blends science fiction with historical symbolism. The central circular emblem features a moon surrounded by stars, set against a mirrored background resembling the surface of a lake, framed by a gear-like sun. The bold “LUNAR EMBASSY” text beneath it is flanked by stars. The design represents a futuristic organization offering the chance to own land on celestial bodies, reflecting its playful approach to cosmic real estate.

Crescent Moon Games

Crescent Moon Games Logo

The Crescent Moon Games logo features a bold, stylized crescent moon in shades of blue and teal that wraps around the text. The company name is displayed in blocky, futuristic font, with “MOON” highlighted in a contrasting shade. The logo embodies the spirit of adventure and fantasy, capturing the brand’s focus on creating immersive and creative mobile games that transport players to new worlds.


In symbolism, the Moon is the ruler of the secret world and a symbol of the feminine. It is associated with cyclical renewal, rebirth, immortality, occult forces, fickleness, abundance, intuition, and emotions. Ancient people measured time by the cycles of the moon, as well as determined the timing of the onset of tides and could predict the quality of future crops. Most often the Moon symbol is positive, and today we were able to make sure of it because all the logos from your list are extremely light and beautiful.

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