Cars brands and logos that start with Y

Cars that start with Y

There aren’t too many automotive brands, whose names start with ‘Y’. Only one big car manufacturer, Yamaha, is one of these. The few smaller brands that do so are German, Chinese or Japanese.


logo Yamaha

Yamaha Motors is an automotive subsidiary of the bigger Yamaha Company from Japan. This one was established in 1955 with the goal to make motorcycles. Besides a big number of them, they also built snowmobiles and a lot more.


logo Yes!

Yes! (Young Engineers Sportscar) is a German car brands established in 1999. Their products, unsurprisingly, include sports cars made partially with Mercedes parts.


logo Yo-Mobil

Yo-Mobil was a Russian project of a hybrid compact car fit for popular use. It was publicized in 2010 and has generally been swept under the rug in the coming years.


logo Youngman

Youngman was a Chinese carmaker in 2001-19. Besides a number of trucks and buses, the company also assembled compact sedans designed by Proton, a Malaysian carmaker, for Chinese market.


Yulon logo

Yulon is a Taiwanese carmaker founded in 1953. They currently manufacture two brands: Luxgen (largely just crossovers) and Tobe (an electric mini car).


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