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The MLS Realtor logo is a service mark consisting of two logotypes: that of the National Association of Realtors and the MLS emblem.

Meaning and history

MLS Realtor Logo

The term “multiple listing service” refers to the system used by real estate agents to compensate other brokers and to accumulate and share information about properties with each other.


MLS Realtor symbol

The Realtor Service Mark, which is actually the emblem of the National Association of Realtors, features a big stylized “R”. The letter is made up of three geometric shapes: a rectangle, a triangle, and half an ellipse. The “R” is placed inside a dark blue or black box. There is the lettering “Realtor” below the box given in dark blue or black.

Service Mark emblem

MLS Realtor emblem

The mark is a monochrome emblem with a 30% tint of the main color (blue or black) in a large rectangle. Inside the rectangle, there is the short name of the suite of services in bigger letters and the full name, Multiple Listing Service, in smaller letters. Also, the mark includes the Realtor symbol, which is located in its top left part.


MLS Realtor logo font

The word “MLS” is given in a bold italic san serif typeface with flattened vertices. The lettering “Multiple Listing Service” features a monolinear sans serif type. The font used for the word “Realtor” is also a simple monolinear one without serifs, but it is neither bolded nor italicized.


MLS Realtor logo color

The MLS Realtor logo can be used in three color schemes: blue, black, and a simple black-and-white one. In the blue variation, the lettering and the frame are dark blue, while the background is light blue. The white letter “R” is placed in a dark blue square, which, in its turn, is placed in a white rectangle with a dark blue frame. In the black version, the lettering and the frame are black, while the color of the bigger rectangle is grey.

How do you make a Realtor logo?
The Realtor logo is pretty simple in its composition. The badge consists of two geometric frames, with the horizontally stretched rectangular overlapped by a square in its upper right part. The square comprises a stylized “R” emblem, while the rectangular features the MLS logotype with the full name deciphered.

Can a real estate agent have a logo?
Depending on whether the real estate agent works for a company, or on his own, the logo he uses can vary. In the first case, the badge of the agent can be based on the corporate entity of his company, as for the freelance realtor, he can create any logo he wants, and place it on his business card or a website.

What is a Realtor trademark?
The Realtor Trademark is an official terminology, used by the National American Association of Realtors as an individual designation. The trademark is copyrighted by and owned by NAR, and can not be used without special permission.

How do I get a realtor, R?
To get the Realtor trademark you should be certified by the National American Association of Realtors. If the question is about a punctuation symbol, then you have to press the Option and R buttons on macOS, or Alt plus 0174 on Windows after the “Realtor”.

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